BlackBerry Storm 2 and Piezo Electronics Touchscreen Technology

The original BlackBerry Storm was Research in Motion’s (RIM) first foray into touchscreen technology, in part to keep pace with touchscreen devices from Apple with the iPhone and Windows Mobile Professional from Microsoft, was met with mixed press reviews. RIM is coming back, and there have been several leaks of the next generation Storm, the Storm 2, with a revised version of RIM’s patented click screen SurePress technology.

The video above explains the new touchscreen technology of the forthcoming Storm2 called Piezo technology, which is activated with an electric current when the device is on. When there is a current flow, there is a layer under the screen that turns into a sponge and gives users some tactile feedback without all the effort that is required of having to push and click the screen like on the Storm 1.

We’ll have to see if Samsung, HTC, and others emulate and adopt this technology on future Windows Phones as Microsoft’s Windows Mobile is gaining momentum to using capacitive touchscreens.

Check the video posted below for the full details.

(via: Gizmodo)

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