CEO John Chen on recovering BlackBerry’s “sexiness”

We’ve heard BlackBerry CEO John Chen give his perspective before on the state of his company’s migratory platform and the concept of “app neutrality.” Even with the niche it has been relegated to, BlackBerry’s slice of the market’s pie has had to fight off shrinkage. It may be to the point where the collaboration with Android and the Venice project could’ve been needed. It might not be. But with where the company’s health has stood lately, it would do best to keep in mind its current customers as well as potential ones. At least that’s what Chen thought aloud at the University of Waterloo Innovation Summit.

I think the most important thing is to make sure that the customer feels secure — and I know we use the word “security” a lot — but to feel comfortable to continue doing business with you. I think that’s really the fundamental of any business, whether you’re doing well or not doing well… especially true if you’re not doing well.

Chen goes on to say that he righted BlackBerry’s financial ship, reassured customers that the company will be around and shielded the legacy group from dirt being kicked from its competitors du jour. One of the ways John Chen is trying not to lose the grip BlackBerry still has is to not refer to Apple by name.

A lot of people think it’s an ‘in’ thing to buy a product coming from another fruit company (I try not to do free commercials for my competitors)[…] we kind of lost that sexiness, so the question is: ‘How do we recover that?’

Pulling back to basics has reduced the bleeding at this fruit company. But the innovations and risks BlackBerry will need to take in order to mount a resurgence make recovery as sure as a question mark.

Source: University of Waterloo (YouTube)
Via: CrackBerry

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