You should already be used to John Chen’s transparent, leakster-competing nature by now, as time and time again, the BlackBerry CEO has tackled rumors of unreleased products head-on, as well as eternal speculation of his company’s smartphone business exit.

Just as the security and productivity-focused Priv started selling stateside, Chen candidly shared his ambitions in a Fox Business interview, teasing an entire “range of products” to follow in the footsteps of the touchscreen/QWERTY keyboard hybrid.

There was no word on the software choice of this mysterious “range”, but with only praise given to the “open” character of the Android ecosystem and multitude of supported apps, you have to imagine BB execs envision a continuation of the newly formed Google alliance.

Will BlackBerry OS be shut down altogether? Hard to say at the moment, yet if John Chen indeed plans to “let the market tell” him what comes after the Priv, the decision feels like a no-brainer. Meanwhile, enterprise consumers are apparently no longer the sole audience targeted by the financially struggling Canadian outfit, which aims to grow “receptive to younger generation.”

This should help BlackBerry gradually “rebuild” its once thriving phone business, according to the head honcho, who keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground and doesn’t dream of industry domination again, but can promise investors market share well over 1 percent in the foreseeable future.

Exclusive to AT&T in the US for now, the BlackBerry Priv is definitely on its way to Verizon soon, and as Chen confirmed to Fox, T-Mobile and Sprint too. Stay tuned for all the precise availability info.

Source: CrackBerry

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