BlackBerry Priv most likely headed for T-Mobile on January 26

BlackBerry’s long overdue rookie Android effort has one shot and one shot only to meet ambitious sales goals. It must expand from AT&T to the rest of America’s “big four” carriers as soon as possible, preferably before the rival spring 2016 flagships start to trickle in.

Granted, the Priv has been doing a decent enough job at the box-office with just one telecom provider in its corner, but once the Galaxy S7s, HTC Perfumes, and LG G5s go official, its mainstream appeal may dramatically dry up, especially if discounts aren’t enforced in time or they’re capped off at $100 tops.

It’s certainly good news therefore the BlackBerry Priv has recently cleared the FCC en route to Verizon, with a leaked T-Mobile schedule hinting at a January 26 launch on the “Uncarrier.” The fact the phone is mentioned by its old “Venice” codename might mean the docket was conceived a while back, undergoing changes since then, though Magenta’s CEO seemed awfully interested in the security-centric handheld last month, so the imminent commercial spread feels imminent.

Right now, the touchscreen/QWERTY keyboard hybrid costs a whopping $700 unlocked through BlackBerry, $250 with two-year AT&T pacts, or $0 down on Next installment plans requiring monthly payments of between $24 and $37. Surely, T-Mo can do better than that, and BB will give its blessing, realizing that without deep price cuts, the Priv is already doomed.

Source: Phonearena

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