Months ago, early rumors of a BlackBerry phone running Android sounded like some crazy pipe dream. Could BlackBerry, long the odd-man-out among the smartphone crowd, really be considering a phone that dared to flirt with normalcy? But sure enough, those rumors actually started coalescing into something real, and it wasn’t long before we saw BlackBerry confirm the news. In the weeks since, the manufacturer’s been giving us a taste of what to expect from the Android-running Priv, leaving one of our biggest questions as when we might hope to finally get our hands on the smartphone. It looked like things were finally coming together over the course of the past few days, and today the moment’s finally upon us, as BlackBerry Priv pre-orders officially open.

We’d been bouncing around a little when it comes to Priv pricing, first seeing evidence pointing to a launch price around $600, though later info suggested it could start at $750. In reality, we’re somewhere between the two, and BlackBerry is selling the Priv in the US for just about $700. Up in Canada, you’ll pay nearly 900 CAD, and BlackBerry fans in the UK can snag theirs for 560 GBP.

Pre-orders placed now will ship in another couple weeks, with BlackBerry getting fulfillment started on November 6.

While rumors once suggested that the Priv would see broad carrier support, it looks like CDMA compatibility didn’t make the cut, with BlackBerry warning that the phone won’t work with Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular.

BlackBerry promises that Priv sales will come to more nations beyond the US, UK, and Canada, and though it’s not ready to share details on where and when (and for how much) just yet, it advises us to stay tuned for those specifics as they become available.

Source: BlackBerry

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