BlackBerry Priv gets vague ‘next year’ Marshmallow update ETA

Seeing as how there was obviously no precedent to set the course for BlackBerry Priv’s software support policies, we really had no idea what to expect from the Canadian company’s rookie Android effort on the update front.

It goes without saying Priv’s pre-loaded 5.1 Lollipop flavor differs from Google’s vanilla product, especially in terms of security and data privacy, but BB’s Android skin isn’t overly intrusive, and so, Marshmallow optimization should be a fairly straightforward process.

Unfortunately, it appears to be too late for the Priv to achieve 6.0 elevation in 2015, with the device manufacturers instead wholly committed to an M upgrade “sometime in the new year.” That could mean January, March, June or even December 2016, although something about BlackBerry’s persuasive tone in answering Marshmallow-related questions tells us it won’t be long now.

After all, the Priv is already signed up to monthly security patches, with a few disclaimers, and given the recent BlackBerry OS free fall, this might be the last card Waterloo can play before backing out of the smartphone-making game.

Everything needs to run smoothly for ambitious sales targets to be met, and besides a swift Android 6.0 bump, the BlackBerry Priv must spread from AT&T to all other major US carriers ASAP.

Source: Android Central

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