BlackBerry Priv strikes a few new poses, shows off slender figure

At this point, can we even call them leaks? Not only has the BlackBerry “Venice’s” market name been officially confirmed, but we also know for sure the Priv is coming by the end of the year to revive or bury the once mighty Canadian handheld manufacturer.

Meanwhile, BB’s CEO clumsily demoed the touchscreen/QWERTY keyboard hybrid despite technically not announcing or detailing it yet, and many an unofficial photoshoot let us in on security enhancements, various Android modifications, and camera capabilities.

BlackBerry Priv front

The MSRP is essentially the last question mark standing, but unfortunately, we don’t have anything to report on the retail cost front today. What we can show you is another high-quality group of hands-on pics, capturing the Priv in the flesh from behind, the face, and profile.

There’s really nothing enlightening or surprising about these images, except for maybe that mouth-watering wasp waist. We’ve seen it before, but just in renders and lower-res live photos, and in all its glory, it’s truly remarkable.

BlackBerry Priv back

The Reddit user who managed to get his hands on the pre-release prototype at some conference even claims the Priv is thinner than his 7.6 mm Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which wasn’t easy, considering the slide-out keyboard accessory, not to mention the rumored 3,650 mAh or so battery. That’s massive, and yet the phone looks so svelte. Curved too, as far as the 5.4-inch display is concerned, and rather unique at the back, courtesy of a textured pattern of sorts.

Are you still reluctant of the device, or seriously thinking of purchasing it as soon as possible?

Source: Reddit
Via: CrackBerry

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