BlackBerry Priv bundle drops to $650 unlocked, Passport now $400 by itself

Remember how BlackBerry promised the first significant Priv discounts would be offered “around” MWC? Well, we kind of inferred the “significant” part, as BB never talked numbers or percentages, and we may have read the signs all wrong.

The security and productivity-focused Android smartphone is now on sale stateside through its manufacturer’s official online store, but sadly, the savings are hardly substantial. Typically sold for $700 unlocked, the BlackBerry Priv costs $650 until February 24, which is exactly on-par with the cheapest outright iPhone 6s.

This isn’t the place and time to start that debate again, but Apple’s newest 4.7-incher is clearly far more mainstream popular than the 5.4-inch touchscreen/QWERTY keyboard hybrid, so a deeper reduction is needed if BlackBerry wants its overall shipment figures improved. Especially with a $700 or so Samsung Galaxy S7 around the corner.

Of course, if you were thinking of also purchasing a couple of Priv accessories, the discounts surge to a much cooler $150. That’s right, the $650 phone nets you a gratis leather smart flip case and Sync Pod with 1.2m USB cable too, normally valued at a combined $100.

Meanwhile, the BB 10 OS-powered Passport sets you back $400 instead of $500 through February 24 as well, but with no free covers, shells or Sync Pods.

Outside the US, you can grab the BlackBerry Priv bundle at £529 and the Passport all by its lonesome for £349 on British shores.

Source: ShopBlackBerry

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