BlackBerry Passport AT&T edition: unboxing and first impressions (Video)

If the BlackBerry Passport is “not your grandfather’s BlackBerry,” then the BlackBerry Passport AT&T edition is … not … your cousin’s, either.

That analogy didn’t really work out for us, but this unboxing and first-impressions video sure did! That’s right: after literally months of fielding comments, tweets, emails and voicemails wondering why we weren’t paying BlackBerry its proper due with a Passport review, we finally caved and picked up a BlackBerry Passport sample device. (It wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of the good folks at AT&T, either – so when you’re through getting over the shock, feel free to throw some good vibes their way.)

Cosmetically, the BlackBerry Passport AT&T edition differs from its global counterpart in only two major respects: it’s got a wraparound silver band that serves as the midplate between the front and back halves; and AT&T has also taken a belt sander to the corners to make it a little more palm-friendly, a little more like the BlackBerry Classic we reviewed last month.

Otherwise, this is the same BlackBerry Passport we’ve come to know and … scratch our heads over during the past couple seasons. So sit down, strap in, and stretch those thumbs: the world’s squarest BlackBerry is in our review labs, and we’re about to take it for a ride before Joe Levi renders some deeper thoughts late next week!

BlackBerry Passport AT&T Edition: Unboxing and First Impressions

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