BlackBerry Messenger arrives for Android & iOS; better late than never?

It seems like the past couple months of BlackBerry news have been dominated by two main stories, neither of which painted the company in a particularly favorable light: we had all the business concerning plans to sell off the company, as well as the totally botched cross-platform BlackBerry messenger launch. BlackBerry blamed the issue on users attempting to connect to the service early by means of leaked client apps – though if they couldn’t handle even that demand, we’re unsure how the company expected its servers to survive an official launch. In any case, BlackBerry quickly shuttered the whole thing, with promises to bolster its servers and prepare to try again; we just hadn’t known quite when that would be. Well, today, with little warning, BlackBerry has announced that it’s time for round two, and is once again attempting its cross-platform BBM launch.

In order to keep things from getting out of hand, BlackBerry is using a sign-up system: first come, first served. If you already registered your interest through the BBM website, you’re good to go, and as soon as official BBM apps hit the Play Store and iTunes (which will occur at some point today), you can get started. Everyone else will have to download the app and enter their email address, at which point they’ll be added to the wait list. Then the company will email you once it’s your turn to give BBM a shot.

While it’s nice to see this finally happening, the fact that a big company like BlackBerry needs to implement a wait list for a service like this – one that it’s been working on bringing to Android and iOS for months now – still gives us reason to be concerned. The need to carefully control access to the service sure creates the impression that BlackBerry never did solve its issues with server demand – a well-executed system would adapt to the load.

In any case, check your respective app store today for the BBM app, and then take your spot in line if this is still something you’d like to check out.

Update: The Android app has arrived.

Source: BlackBerry
Via: CrackBerry

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