BlackBerry ‘Mercury’ cameo on Tim Allen sitcom may just be the start of big publicity push

As the exclusive new global manufacturer and distributor of BlackBerry smartphones, China-based TCL, aka the multinational electronics company behind Alcatel’s recent rise through the industry’s ranks, is doing a solid job of building buzz for the classic brand’s upcoming revival attempt.

While we got to play with the mysterious “New BlackBerry” a little at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month, we still don’t even know the handheld’s official name, let alone its specifications. TCL should once and for all unveil the so-called “Mercury” QWERTY keyboard-toting device at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in roughly four weeks, but first, another cheeky teaser.

This one may not have cost the company a single dime, as it sees actor Tim Allen reiterate his steadfast love for BlackBerries. Cynics and skeptics need to keep in mind Allen randomly plugged the Passport on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of years back, while BlackBerry’s marketing department insisted the Golden Globe winner wasn’t on the Canadian tech outfit’s payroll.

Even if that changed in the meantime, or especially if it did, the unreleased “Mercury’s” guest star appearance on Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” on Friday night tells a meaningful story. The BlackBerry name shall live on, and TCL might be planning a big US publicity push, starting with ABC sitcoms watched by millions of people every week.

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