BlackBerry KEYone vs Priv: From RIM to TCL, was this the right move? (Video)

Is it fair to compare a brand-new phone with one that’s almost two years old? Of course not. But then again, the homebrewed BlackBerry Priv was marketed as a flagship mobile device back in the fall of 2015, while the TCL-manufactured BlackBerry KEYone doesn’t aim to please everyone, keeping the price a little lower in the process.

More importantly however, our admittedly clickbaity exclusive video comparison today tries to put the evolution of a once revered brand under the microscope. Has BB learned anything from that imperfect, almost unnatural union a couple of years ago?

Absolutely, even though the KEYone is hardly perfect. It even loses a couple of rounds against its extra-tall, extra-awkward forerunner, like screen resolution or video recording, but on the whole, it emerges as a clear winner in build quality, general hardware use and, of course, battery life in particular.

There are many similarities between the two devices when it comes to keyboard productivity, as TCL wisely refined what needed such work and never intended to reinvent the wheel. For what it is and how much it costs, the BlackBerry KEYone comes with a respectable enough display and processor in tow, offsetting the occasional stutter with far better system optimization than the Priv.

The camera battle is overall a matter of personal taste and preference, with neither phone exactly hitting a photography home run or falling short of realistic expectations in this particular department.

What’s great about the KEYone is that it keeps the lights on for an eternity while staying nice and cool, as well as very quickly recharging.

Bottom line, this is a no contest, and BlackBerry takes a huge leap forward under TCL’s guidance.

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