BlackBerry KEYone Real Camera Review: Pixel sensor & BlackBerry software (video)

BlackBerry is back in business, y’all, and the TCL-made KEYone doesn’t just have a uniquely productive QWERTY physical keyboard going for it. Believe it or not, this upper mid-range bad boy’s camera, complete with a Google Pixel-borrowed image sensor, isn’t half bad either.

It’s certainly a major improvement over the Priv’s Schneider lens, and as long as you don’t expect super-high-end performance from a single 12MP shooter (which would obviously be unrealistic), odds are you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what the BlackBerry KEYone delivers.

Those large individual pixels are able to produce generally crisp, colorful exposure, decent bokeh and unexpectedly solid zoom skills. You get UHD video recording at 30 fps, a somewhat “bouncy” autofocus and alas, no RAW image capture support to enable various processing tricks.

Still, for a business phone aimed primarily at individuals far too busy to tinker with camera settings, effects and modes, you have to appreciate the respectable app performance, well-balanced HDR photos and more than adequate software stabilization. Overall, while it’s absolutely not a top 2017 cameraphone, the BlackBerry KEYone comes closer than ever to striking a perfect work-play balance. Oh, and it’s got an 8MP selfie snapper too that does its job competently… enough.

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