BlackBerry KEYone: About that epic battery life… (Video)

Not all phones have to do everything perfectly. In fact, no phone is perfect in every way, for every use case and every type of user. There, we said it, and stand by it, as gorgeous as the LG G6 might look, and as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S8+ may feel.

Clearly, the BlackBerry KEYone isn’t tailor-made for fashion aficionados or hardcore mobile gamers. And its cameras, while perfectly respectable by any standard, aren’t the world’s greatest for either still photography or high-quality 4K video recording.

But even in 2017, there’s a strong case to be made in favor of a productive hardware keyboard, and believe it or not, a stronger case yet for the epic battery life of the Snapdragon 625-packing BlackBerry KEYone.

Our own Juan Bagnell is ecstatic to report he squeezed as much as 60 hours (!!!) of endurance on a single charge from this bad boy’s 3,505mAh cell, which is almost twice the overall runtime of the Galaxy S8+ in similar conditions. “Normal” conditions, mind you, with minimal pressure applied to the QWERTY phone’s GPU, and greater focus on standard communication stuff like, you know, actual calls, messaging, social media and whatnot.

Basically, if you want a device that won’t leave you stranded in times of need, you know what to do and when.

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