BlackBerry KEYone bend test brings out an unglued screen

Zack Nelson, who runs the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, has brought his typical durability trials to the BlackBerry KEYone, made by TCL. The key takeaway? Don’t bend the thing.

In a comprehensive scratch test, the device fared well on the screen side of things, comparing nicely to other tempered glass phone screens, and survives scratches to the capacitive keyboard and fingerprint sensor as well — all those individual units continued to work after eating a boxcutter blade. Even the rubber back was able to take a sharp edge fairly well, at least to point of not having everything peel off. And a screen burn test also proved normal fare with a quick recovery from shut-down pixels.

But bending the phone proved to be a different story.

As something inside the device cracked up from the pressure of the bend, the bottom of the 4.5-inch display popped up and stayed up with no adhesive keeping it in place — a departure from typical device manufacturer protocol as Samsung, LG and Apple displays need heat guns applied to the edges of the displays to get them removed. Other users on the CrackBerry forums have reported that their screens have come apart from drops.

While the device does go on Nelson’s “Shelf of Shame,” the issue can easily be fixed with an extra robot at the end of the line putting down some glue. The device is made mostly out of metal with the rare soft material accent, so you shouldn’t count the rest of the KEYone out, either.

The device is on sale in North America right now with second-wave availability later this summer.

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