BlackBerry Ghost Pro is another premium Optiemus design likely coming soon to India

Even though the surprisingly popular and well-reviewed KEYone is already more than a year old, and the mid-range all-touch Motion hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, the rumor mill remains pretty quiet regarding next-gen TCL-made BlackBerries.

Meanwhile, one of the two lesser-known brand licensees is definitely gearing up for not one, but two high-profile Indian releases. At least the devices themselves look pretty high-profile to us, with “bezel-less” designs, tall screens and intriguing codenames.

Reportedly manufactured by Optiemus, the “premium” BlackBerry Ghost revealed by serial leaker Evan Blass last month will apparently be joined to the world’s second-largest smartphone market by a presumably higher-end “Ghost Pro.”

Keep in mind that’s not how the two phones will be known to customers, although they’re practically guaranteed to use the BlackBerry name in yet another nostalgia play. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you anything about the ghosts’ specifications either, which only makes them even more exciting.

All we know is the BlackBerry Ghost Pro looks sharper and boxier than the “regular” variant, with an easily discernible logo on its “chin”, relatively thin “forehead”, and a side-mounted power button sporting some sort of a distinguishing pattern. TCL had better prepare something similar for global markets!

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