As humble and familiar as the DTEK50 looked at a first glance, it must have done something right, apparently prompting the financially (and creatively) struggling BlackBerry to brand the so-called Argon as DTEK60.

The Canada-based device manufacturer confirms that on its official US website, no doubt jumping the gun with a product page hilariously labeled “do not publish.” Well, it’s published… for the time being, and in addition to DTEK50’s widely known features, it also blows the “Argon’s” cover once and for all.

As rumored, this upcoming flagship-grade BlackBerry DTEK60 adopts full touch, just like its little brother and predecessor, bumping up the screen size and resolution to 5.5 inches and 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, aka Quad HD, respectively.

Essentially everything about the DTEK60 is in fact a meaningful upgrade over the 50, including Snapdragon 820 processing power, 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, USB Type-C connectivity, 3,000mAh battery juice, 21MP rear-facing camera prowess, LTE Advanced speeds, and fingerprint recognition.

The slightly larger cell, by the way, will be officially rated at “up to 24 hours mixed” autonomy, with the 8MP selfie shooter one of very few common traits here, and of course, device weight boosted to 165 grams, while thickness surprisingly decreases to 7mm.

Needless to stress the BlackBerry DTEK60 will be running “full Android” when it commercially launches (sometime next month, rumor has it), probably of the Marshmallow variation. Anybody looking forward to this?

Source: BlackBerry
Via: CrackBerry

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