BlackBerry BBG100-1 benchmark reveals middling specs in line with a KEY2 Lite variant

Apart from a couple of mystery “premium” BlackBerry-branded smartphones Evan Blass tipped for exclusive India availability under the supervision of regional licensee Optiemus, we know TCL has at least a couple of new products in the pipeline also carrying the legendary name.

One is an open book already, set to follow in the footsteps of the immensely popular KEYone with a formal announcement scheduled for June 7, while another seems to actually replicate some of the specs offered by last year’s mid-range QWERTY keyboard/touchscreen hybrid.

We’re talking 4 gigs of RAM and a Snapdragon 625 processor, as revealed by a fresh BlackBerry BBG100-1 benchmark. Keep in mind that the BBB100-1 model number designated the KEYone, with BBF100-1 now linked to a device confirmed to be named KEY2. Hence, this BBG100-1 is probably not just another KEYone derivation, but rather an entirely new, presumably ultra-affordable product.

The only other thing we know for sure about it is that it already runs Android 8.1 Oreo in pre-release testing, although credible sources associate it with an overall enigmatic “Luna” codename and, yes, a physical keyboard. Basically, there’s a KEY2 around the corner, and a KEY2 Lite variant of sorts likely right behind it.

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