A couple weeks back, BlackBerry found itself at the forefront of smartphone news for the first time in a while, as rumors investigated the possibility of BlackBerry releasing a smartphone that ran Android rather than its own QNX-based BlackBerry 10 OS. We heard about a couple different directions things could go, looked at some hardware leaks, and were left without a lot of confidence as to just whether or not all this might actually happen. We’re still not to the point where we can positively confirm anything, but some recent comments made by BlackBerry CEO John Chen sure seem to suggest that an Android-running BlackBerry could be a possibility.

In a new interview, Chen is asked about these Android rumors and his response hinges on BlackBerry’s focus on delivering secure smartphone experiences. BlackBerry puts a premium on security, and Chen admits that “if I could find a way to secure the Android phone, I will also build that.”

That said, Chen’s comments are a bit jovial in nature, and it almost comes off as if he’s implying, “but there’s no easy way Android’s going to become BlackBerry-level secure, so don’t hold your breath.” Still, it’s not an outright rejection of the rumors, and while it has us feeling a little less confident that we could see an Android-powered BlackBerry handset quite as soon as some reports have suggested, it may be a very real possibility in the long term.

Source: CNBC (Video)
Via: phoneArena

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