BlackBerry hasn’t been a true favorite in any market lately, and proof of it are its terrible device sales in the last couple of years. As a result, and due to the tremendous disappointment that customers experienced with devices like the BlackBerry Z10, carriers like T-Mobile decided to allow customers to return their BlackBerry devices in exchange for anything else, and obviously that didn’t leave the relationship in positive terms between both companies.

Today BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen released a statement confirming that his company will no longer renew its sales agreement contract with T-Mobile USA. According to Chen’s statement, the two companies’ strategies currently “are not complementary” and BlackBerry needs to act in the best interest of its customers. The agreement ends this month, so you can expect this to rollout across T-Mobile stores in the next couple of weeks.

You’d expect that the best interests of BlackBerry customers would be to have more carrier options, and for BlackBerry to address the reasons why so many people don’t like the brand any more. Still, it’s odd to see BlackBerry act against a carrier at times when it needs support the most, but hey, we’re sure the company already took that into account.

Source: BlackBerry
Via: MobileCrunch

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