BlackBerry 10 launched hand in hand with the Z10, and we’ve since seen the Q10 start arriving to give users a QWERTY option. Then just last month we learned of the Q5, another hardware QWERTY model, but this time positioned as a more budget-friendly alternative to the Q10. Today we can add a fourth member to that lineup, with reports coming in of a BlackBerry A10 set to arrive this fall.

CNET claims that “according to a person familiar with the carrier’s launch plans,” Sprint will be adding the A10 to its stable in November. We’ll likely learn of it finding a home with additional carriers in the months to come, but for now, only Sprint has been named. Rather than being a budget model like the Q5, the A10 would take the top spot in the BlackBerry 10 family, replacing the Z10 and Q10 as flagships.

Unfortunately, what we don’t yet have is a clear picture of just how the A10 might improve on BlackBerry’s current offerings. We’d imagine the display would be largely similar to the Z10’s, and wonder more about what choices might be made in regard to things like the SoC.

Source: CNET
Via: BGR

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