RIM’s rumored BlackBerry 9900 phone may be one step closer to making its debut, if the screenshots leaked from a German Vodafone database are legit. While they don’t reveal anything new about the phone itself, the presence of a “9900BB battery cover” in the list strongly suggests that there’s a soon-to-materialize 9900 phone to go along with it.

The 9900’s layout and features have been the stuff of great debate since the phone first showed up on BB enthusiast radar. Some are expecting a Bold-like design with a non-slider keyboard and new touchscreen input, while other rumors point to a more Storm-ish full-touchscreen setup with slide-out keyboard.

Adding fuel to those fires of speculation, no one seems able to agree on what to call the 9900. We’ve heard Magnum, Dakota, and now Pluto thrown around as potential monikers. For all we know, the final 9900 could end up with a new name entirely. This kind of uncertainty is what makes today’s find all the more interesting; somewhere in a far-away database there’s a real battery cover just waiting for the phone that matches it to land on the market.

Source: BestBoyZ

Thanks: Skaty

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