Like we said yesterday, now that we’re in the BlackBerry 10 home stretch, we’re expecting to see some of the most detailed, substantial leaks concerning the platform and its hardware begin to surface. Today, a whole mess of slides for training carrier employees on BB10 has leaked, and among other things, it helps to iron-out some of the confusion surrounding the different L-series models we’ve heard about.

Over the past several months, we’ve heard about the London, the Laguna, the Lisbon, and even Liverpool. The obvious assumption might have been that they’re regional variants of the same basic design, and after being suggested by some earlier leaks, that now looks confirmed thanks to these docs. The London will be the HSPA+ version of the hardware, while those other L-series phones will feature various bands of LTE connectivity. We’re still a little hazy on how they’ll be named – will they all be the Z10 – but their role in all this is now clear.

Other confirmed hardware details for these L-series models include a 4.2-inch 720p screen, 2GB of RAM, NFC connectivity, 16GB internal flash, an eight-megapixel main camera, and two-megapixel front-facer.

Source: TechRadar, CrackBerry
Via: BGR, BerryReview

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