Dreaming about a big 4.7-inch BlackBerry 10 smartphone? Don’t count it on it showing up anytime soon, as in a follow-up Q&A session to this morning’s BlackBerry 10 launch event, CEO Thorsten Heins confirmed that the screen configurations used on the new Z10 and Q10 models will be those the company sticks with for future BB10 handsets.

That means a 4.2-inch widescreen 1280 x 768 option, and a square 720 x 720 3.1-inch screen for the company’s QWERTY models. While that’s going to make things simple for developers, and help create an iconic look for BlackBerry 10 models, we can see how the news could be a disappointment to fans hoping that the move to BB10 would similarly mean a more differentiated product lineup for the company.

In any case, expect it to be quite a while before we see any new BlackBerry 10 handsets after this pair arrives, with BlackBerry looking to a product cycle that wouldn’t introduce new models until this time next year, or maybe even farther out into spring 2014.

Source: Engadget

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