Is This BlackBerry 10 Roadmap for Real?

It’s been hard to keep track of rumors talking about what’s next for BlackBerry 10. Some of that’s attributable to a whole lot of information that doesn’t seem to agree with each other; we hear that there won’t be any new models beyond the Q10 this year, and then we hear that half a dozen or so are on their way. Today we get some hard evidence that might help us make sense of the situation, in the form of a roadmap purporting to show the BB10 devices arriving for the rest of 2013, and into 2014. Could this be the real deal?

The image appeared earlier today on Twitter, posted by a brand-new account. As a result, we know nothing about the provenance. Grain – salt – you know the drill.

First up, we’ve got a tablet, apparently the B10 arriving in early fall. The subject of a new BB10 tablet has been a contentious one, and we’ve heard comments both supporting and opposing the idea from BlackBerry execs.

Around the end of the year, this shows the arrival of another all-touch model, the U10, apparently with a larger display than the Z10. Beyond that, well into spring 2014, there could be another QWERTY model, the R10, itself with a larger screen than the Q10.

That doesn’t sound so preposterous, right? So why all the doubt?

Well, we’ve heard BlackBerry assert that the screen types on the Z10 and the Q10 are going to be the same we see on all forthcoming BB10 models. That is, 1280 x 768 or 720 x 720. None of these future devices depicted here appear to have screens that match those aspect ratios; the R10 isn’t quite square enough, and the U10 looks closer to 4:3 than 5:3. The B10 tablet is just ridiculous, and looks more than twice as wide as it is tall.

Now, this could be just a hasty mock-up job, and we shouldn’t be reading too much into this, but that would be really sloppy on BlackBerry’s part. Then there are these screens with curved bottom edges – it’s all just odd looking, and our gut is screaming “this is wrong.”

Update: Here’s a modified version of that image, with the perspective (mostly) corrected, and scaled so the Z10 and Q10 screens have their proper aspect ratios. Now, the tablet looks much more realistic, and appears to have close to a 5:3 ratio, and the U10 looks more plausible, as well. The display on the R10 still doesn’t match an aspect ratio that makes any sense, though.

Update 2: F-A-K-E fake.

Source: BB10Leaks (Twitter)
Via: CrackBerry

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