BlackBerry 10 OS still not dead, eyed by ‘some companies’ for handset licensing

The always candid and vocal BlackBerry executive team has hit hyperdrive mode recently as far as public communication goes, insisting they clarify every little aspect of the Canadian company’s virtual hardware market retirement.

While internal smartphone development is permanently halted effective immediately, a number of partners, starting with TCL, aka Alcatel, will be granted licenses going forward to blend Android’s openness and BlackBerry’s still unrivaled security on their own designs.

Some of these “outsourced” products should carry on the QWERTY physical keyboard legacy, and surprise, surprise, future BB 10-powered models are also possible. This is a fresh new revelation provided by SVP of Device Sales Alex Thurber (not CEO John Chen, for a change), who of course didn’t name names, but sincerely confessed to the interest of mystery companies in “licensing the BlackBerry 10 operating system… for handsets.”

Notice that he doesn’t say smartphones, leaving the door open for the proprietary platform to be stripped down to its fundamentals, which makes sense, since genuinely “supporting” it, with fancy apps and features, would take up too many resources. Unless BlackBerry also “outsources” that job.

Speaking of, Thurber took the time in the same interview the other day to highlight his company’s active involvement in “every stage of the way” as far as “long and complex” licensing contracts are concerned. BlackBerry will “know what’s going on at every stage of the manufacturing process”, and is absolutely not going to join forces with “any Tom, Dick and Harry.”

Source: The Register

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