We were just getting our hopes up about the chance of seeing BlackBerry 10 hardware available immediately after today’s platform kick-off event, but that’s sadly not going to be the case everywhere.

Indeed, while the UK gets the Z10 as of tomorrow, and Canada will get it next week, the US will have to wait until mid-March.

We had heard that March date rumored earlier, but after having that followed up by all these other rumors of earlier launches elsewhere (now confirmed), we grew optimistic that everyone would be seeing the new hardware sooner rather than later; clearly, that’s not the case.

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile will all be separately announcing details of their BlackBerry 10 launches, and while prices have yet to be confirmed, figures around $200 on-contract, if not slightly lower, can be expected.

The hardware QWERTY Q10, meanwhile, won’t be going up for sale until April.

Update: Verizon doesn’t have a date to share yet, but it does have a price – its Z10 will be going for just about $200 on-contract, available in both white and black. Sprint has a BlackBerry 10 landing page up, but no real details just yet, other than confirming that it will indeed offer the Z10 and Q10. (AT&T, too)

Source: Engadget

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