OnePlus smartphones have always had an exclusive vibe of sorts going for them, which may explain their swift and frankly surprising rise to mainstream popularity, despite a highly controversial invite-based purchasing system and the occasionally dubious publicity stunt.

Even after technically opening device sales to the world, both the OP3 and 3T were super-hard to come by for quite some time, with the latter barely available in a much-coveted 128GB configuration starting last month.

All things considered, nobody realistically expected many OnePlus 4 or black 3T units to be shipped to the masses very soon, but the OnePlus 3T colette edition unveiled earlier today takes exclusivity to a whole new level.

Indeed coated in black (a decidedly elegant matte shade too), the limited-edition 5.5-inch Snapdragon 821 handset will solely go on sale in a pop-up shop at colette’s lone retail location in Paris on March 21, at 11 AM.

Even then and there, a small batch of 250 of these dark and handsome slabs will be up for grabs, special engravings in tow and everything. OnePlus doesn’t leave the door open for hope of seeing additional exclusive all-black 3Ts released down the line either, explicitly mentioning this is your “one and only chance to acquire” the stylish phone.

Oh, and to rub more salt into the wounds of non-Parisians, the OnePlus 3T colette edition, developed in collaboration with the famed concept store, isn’t particularly costly, at 479 Euros, free Bullets V2 earphones bundled in for “early birds.” So good-looking yet so annoying!

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