Cyber Monday (and Black Friday) 2013 deal round-up

Cyber Monday Update: Hope you got what you wanted to on Black Friday, because now we’re into a new week, a new month, and plenty of new deals. We already told you about a number of the Cyber Monday offers that were revealed early, like that $150 Moto X savings (which is so awesome it broke Motorola’s website), but now that the day’s finally arrived, we have some more deals to share with you.

We’ve been wondering what to expect from Amazon, and now we get our answers: today you’ll find a 16GB 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX for about $170, a savings of $50. In fact, that discount applies to all the WiFi-only versions of the 7-inch HDX, with any storage configuration or selection of Amazon’s “special offers” you choose. If that’s too rich for your blood, the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD can be had starting at $140.

On the phone side of things, Amazon has some nice deals for on-contract handsets today. Those include the LG G2 or HTC One for essentially free-on-contract, Sprint’s Nexus 5 for $10, the HTC One Max starting at $100, or the Galaxy Note 3 for as low as $170 for new lines (on Verizon and Sprint).

Newegg‘s got the LG G Pad 8.3 for $250, after using coupon code “CYBERMND9,” as well as an NVIDIA Shield bundle with a free case and t-shirt with your purchase of the $250 system.

While eBay already had some great tablet deals, they just keep on coming, and today we hear about offers for the 2013 Nexus 7: either reconditioned 16GB for $170, or 32GB for $230.

There’s also a Pebble offer from last week that’s getting better, giving you $20 per watch off your order.

Microsoft wants to give you a free Lumia 520; just purchase a 920, 1020, 1520, or Samsung Ativ S Neo on-contract.

Don’t forget; we already covered a number of Cyber Monday deals in the round-up below, so browse though to make sure you spot them all. Just pay careful attention to which offers are still current, and those that came and went already.

Strap on the body armor, leave the kids at home, and get ready to face the very worst humanity has to offer: it’s nearly time for Black Friday. In just a couple days, shoppers all across the US will be throwing caution to the wind and thrusting themselves full-throttle into the capitalist Thunderdome that are these day-after-Thanksgiving sales.


No, not Rebecca Black Friday.

Why put up with the crowds, the lines, the very real threat of being trampled to death? The DEALS. Man, oh man, the deals!

No matter what kind of smartphone or tablet fan you call yourself, chances are good that one of these retailers will have at least one device that’s really up your alley, and maybe even at the best price you’ve seen all year. Of course, a deal is only going to benefit you if you’re aware of it, so we’re putting together a round-up of this year’s offerings.

While we traditionally think of Black Friday in terms of big-box retailers, everyone’s getting in on the action: smaller stores, carriers themselves, and even online merchants. Let’s go through the deals they’ll all be offering, category by category, with the carriers starting us off.

divider-1AT&T: There are a ton of different offers this holiday season – including some Thanksgiving-day-only ones like a GS4 for $30 on contract. Most of AT&T’s deals for Friday are for accessories, but there are some good ones, like a Jawbone Jambox for $100. Come Cyber Monday, you’ll be able to get half-off a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Note 8.0, or ASUS MeMO Pad, or score a Moto X (without Moto Maker customizations), a Galaxy Note 2, or an HTC One for free-on-contract.

Verizon: Maybe we’re missing the point here, but Verizon’s posted deals leave us very much wanting. When you’re talking about your “hottest deal” being a BlackBerry Z10 for free-on-contract, or an 8GB iPhone 4S on-contract for just one dollar, we’re probably going to keep moving.

T-Mobile: This year makes it tricky to evaluate T-Mobile’s deals, as its selling structure has changed so much from the other carriers. You can save $48 (yeah, that’s weird) when buying an LG G2, Galaxy S 4, Note 3, Nexus 5, or Xperia Z. The old Galaxy S III sees $40 in savings, and the Lumia 925 will be available for $0 down.

Sprint: First up, Sprint’s still doing its line transition discount, offering you $100 for transferring a line of service over to the carrier. As for Black Friday deals, we’ve got a $50 LG G2 or a free Galaxy S 4 Mini – both on-contract, natch.

USC/MVNO/other: US Cellular hasn’t gone public with its deals for anyone but current users (who get access early), but we understand it will be offering a number of mid-range devices for just one cent on-contract, including the Galaxy S 4 Mini (popular guy in these sales) and LG F7.

divider-2At least those guys are focused on mobile devices; you can expect a much greater variety of on-sale items (and correspondingly, that much denser crowds) when hitting up one of these larger retailers:

Best Buy: With three separate waves of “doorbuster” deals, Best Buy is taking Black Friday super seriously. You’ll find iPad 2 16GB WiFi models for $300 a pop, last year’s Kindle Fire HD 7″ for $100, and the Galaxy S 4 free-on-contract. There’s also a Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 for $150, an off-contract Galaxy S III for Virgin Mobile or Boost for $300, or an 8-inch Best Buy Insignia-branded 4:3 Android tablet for $80.

That’s all just wave one. Starting Friday morning, the metallic blue HTC One for Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T shows up for $30 on-contract. Apple fans can pick up an iPad Air starting at $450, or an iPhone 5C for $48 on-contract. Chromecast gets a small discount, going for just $30.

Confusingly, Best Buy is selling last year’s Surface RT as just the “Surface,” and you can pick up the 32GB tablet for $200 (no keyboard). On the Android side of the fence, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 will sell for $300, while the Note 10.1 goes for more like $400. Accessories see some discounts, too, like GS4 flip covers selling for half off.

In the wearable department, you can score a $20 gift card with the purchase of either a $150 Pebble or a $130 Fitbit Force. Like at AT&T, the Jawbone Jambox is also just $100. This isn’t even touching on some lower end models, so check out the ad for yourself to see the complete selection.

Walmart: Like Best Buy, Walmart’s doing things in phases, and getting started Thursday night. Starting at 6pm you’ll find an iPad mini (which Walmart goes to no effort whatsoever to make clear is last year’s model) for $300, but that comes with a $100 gift card.

The next wave – the 8pm deals – start off not looking so great. There’s an RCA seven-inch Android tablet (RCA makes tablets?) for $50, or the Samsung Galaxy Centura on StraightTalk prepaid for $30. A Galaxy S III for StraightTalk will run you $300. On the accessory side, we have Beats by Dre Solo headphones for $115. We also see a few other forgettable tablets (from companies you love like Trio and Nabi), along with a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 for $300.

Things get more interesting on Friday morning, like with the iPhone selection: the 5C will go for $45 on-contract, while the 5S will be $190. Both of those come with $75 gift cards. You’ll also discover on-contract Galaxy S 4 models going for $100, Moto Xs for $50, and the Galaxy Mega 6.3 on AT&T for $80 – and these Androids all come with $100 Walmart gift cards.

divider-3Online shopping has become a larger and larger part of the Black Friday experience in recent years, leading to the whole spin-off Cyber Monday phenomenon. And why not? No driving, no lines: no hassle. Just pay attention to shipping times if you’re counting on having this stuff early enough to give as gifts.

Amazon: Considering just how many items are available for sale at Amazon, it’s not surprising to see that the retailer has hundreds upon hundreds of Black Friday deals advertised. Honestly, you could spend all day here and still not find what you’re looking for. Perusing through some of our favorite categories, we spotted a few choice selections.

There’s the Galaxy Note 10.1 for $400, or if Windows is more your scene, the ASUS Vivotab Smart 10.1-inch 64GB with Office 2013 hits that same $400 tag. Off-contract phone fans will spot plenty to be happy about, as well, but as many of these models are sold by other retailers and simply have their orders fulfilled through Amazon, we’re not sure they should count here.

Come Monday, Amazon will have new offers running, but it hasn’t announced them yet; we’ll update you when we have more.

eBay: If you’re interested in the Google Nexus 10, eBay is now selling it for $399 along with a $100 VISA gift card while supplies last. This is definitely a sweet deal and a good tablet, so move quick.

divider-5Finally, we have some stores that just don’t fit in those other categories. Some brick-and-mortar, some online, but absolutely ones you should be paying attention to for smartphone/tablet deals.

Apple Store: Apple will be offering… some kind of deal, but it hasn’t announced the specifics just yet. You can start online at midnight (Pacific) or hit up one of its brick-and-mortar stores on Friday morning. Update: Apple’s gear looks like it’s all still full-price, but the company’s offering varying sized Apple Store gift cards with your purchases.

Microsoft Store: If you don’t want to wait, Microsoft already has some of its Black Friday deals running now. Deals include $100 off the old Surface Pro,  and a bundle where if you get a new Surface 2 model and a Type Cover, Microsoft throws in a free Touch Cover.

Starting Friday, look for new deals on the Surface, Jawbox Jambone, and Beats by Dre Solo HD headphones, though Microsoft hasn’t shared any of those prices in advance.

Motorola: On Cyber Monday, Motorola intends to offer off-contract savings on the Moto X, whether you want a plain black or white model, a custom Moto Maker design, or a Developer Edition. No matter what your choice, you’ll end up saving $150 over normal prices.

Google: Besides a $25 Play Store credit when buying a new Nexus 7 tablet, Google has some deals on digital purchases going on this weekend.

BlackBerry: Yeah, we know. But if you really like BlackBerry, you can score a no-contract Z10 for just $200, straight from the company itself. You just need to use coupon code BFEMAILZ10.

divider-4With so many companies offering savings this holiday weekend, we’ll have to keep working away at this to spot all the rest of the deals that might have slipped through the cracks. Look for us to update this list over the coming days, augmenting it with more and more offers as we become aware of them.

Heard about an awesome deal that Pocketnow readers should know about? Just scored a new device for yourself after waiting in those long lines? Tell us about it in the comments!

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