Boxes, boxes, boxes. All we can ever talk about are boxes. Chromebooks. Apple phones. Whatever. It’s been that kind of week and everything’s coming together just now. Let’s keep talking about the magical wonders of shipping.

Well, it’s magical because the Black & White version of the Pixel 2 XL has finally started shipping to at least some lucky Redditors on the #MadeByGoogle Shipping MegaThread. This after delays on top of promised delays where dates in late November have been given for shipping expectations. For a phone up for pre-order from October 4, it’s not the best feeling.

On the other hand, someone at Google told /u/imadicc that “there is an indefinite delay on all outgoing orders,” which is to say that their 64GB Just Black Pixel 2 XL is going nowhere. As they purchased expedited shipping, they can request a refund once the device actually starts shipping.

With the recent controversy made over the poor quality of many Pixel 2 XL plastic OLED displays, many in this thread with Just Blacks hope that this is just better quality assurance in action.

The optimist in me says “maybe the supply is much more constricted because they’re tightening up QC and rejecting more bad panels”…

The pessimist in me says “this isn’t happening, we’re all going to get poorly QC’d phones” 🙁

— /u/Phirrup

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