BixRemap brings back Bixby Button remapping on Galaxy S8, but for how long?

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ features a little nub called the “Bixby Button” that does nothing but bring up Samsung’s undercooked Bixby digital assistant when depressed. That’s it. It’s not the “Active Button” that could pull up pretty much any function — say, launching Google Assistant instead — you’d like on those Galaxy S Active phones.

And Samsung is insistent that the Bixby Button shouldn’t act like the Active Button — it killed off the ability of one app called “All in One Gestures” that allowed users to map a different app to the Bixby Button.

So, will the chaebol do the same for Dave Bennett’s app, BixRemap? As of right now, it seems to still work. And for the 20 minutes of coding time he put into it, it’s a pretty okay effort. Press the big “on” switch in the app, then tap on the Bixby Button. It’ll take one or two seconds, but Google Assistant (and only Google Assistant at this stage) will essentially be triggered to load on top of Bixby.

It’s only a little test app for now, but if Bennett gets positive feedback, he might pull a little more work into it. Grab a copy at the source link down low.

Tell us what you think about the whole debacle and how you think a literal “David” is handling the “Goliath” in the comments below: we know our audience is all for more choice, but will it be a successful crusade?

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