Bixby gets even smarter in Korea, letting Galaxy S8 users send money with their voice

As if to rub salt into the wounds of English-speaking Galaxy S8 and S8+ buyers, Samsung continues to smarten up its oh so promising virtual assistantin Korea only.

Effective immediately, local Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank and KEB Hana Bank customers can get Bixby to show their detailed financial information on S8’s Infinity Display or even transfer money to a trusted account without lifting a finger.

All they need to do is wake up the AI by saying its name or pressing and holding the dedicated side-mounted physical button, give a natural voice command like “please transfer X money to Y account” after registering for the service, then authorize the transaction by using the phone’s iris scanner.

Bixby’s new feature is made possible with native Samsung Pay integration, while Samsung Pass ensures your sensitive data stays safe and no one can gain illicit access to your banking credentials and so on.

Then again, if (and only if) somebody badly wants your currency, they could technically fake your iris and circumvent the handheld, digital assistant and digital wallet platform’s security mechanisms.

Nonetheless, this sounds like another important step towards completely revolutionizing banking and financial services in general, and people would probably welcome a similar update stateside. Don’t hold your breath though.

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