Bing Concierge Bot joins the voice assistant fray

Every company that can afford to build a neural network that can learn deeper than deep is seemingly doing so right now.

Microsoft is hiring a software engineer that will work on something called the “Bing Concierge Bot,” an AI-based assistant more similar to Facebook M or Google Assistant than Amazon Alexa. The bot would be based over messaging apps like “Skype, Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.” and, through human-like conversation, can help users do tasks such as booking dining reservations.

Microsoft has been making testing out a whole set of bots for music search, captioning, image search and other purposes — perhaps IoT as well. The company partnered with Kik to create a channel on the platform for its bots.

The partitioned development strategy may allow progress for each service to go their own pace, but integrating the bots either into a single process or, at least, a single identity should be top of mind to bring this functionality out. All this is to ask how Cortana may likely evolve.

Microsoft, in the meantime, seems to be just playing catch-up.

Source: Microsoft
Via: ZDNet

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