Bill Gates recently switched to an unnamed Android phone with ‘a lot of Microsoft software’

After stepping down in early 2014 as chairman of the Redmond-based tech giant he helped establish more than four decades ago, business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist Bill Gates has kept a relatively low profile in relation to the computer and smartphone world.

Still the richest person on the globe as of this month, according to Forbes, Microsoft’s co-founder and retired CEO continues to hold stock in the company that’s practically abandoned the mobile hardware fight in addition to managing the largest private charitable foundation around.

Without throwing shade at Satya Nadella or any of the people currently in charge of the operation he supervised for so many years, Gates confirmed in a rare Fox News Sunday appearance that he recently boarded the Android train.

While we never really knew exactly what handset(s) the mogul owned as of late, you have to assume he clung on to Windows phones for as long as humanly possible. But then finally, the time came to make the big switch, and iPhones were likely not considered a viable replacement.

That’s because Bill Gates obviously digs Android’s open nature, going for a Google-powered device with “a lot of Microsoft software” on it. Maybe one of those odd Galaxy S8 Microsoft Editions? Chris Wallace didn’t get a clear answer there, and although Microsoft’s former head honcho appreciates the “good work” Apple continues to do, he also dodged a straightforward reply to a query about “the new iPhone.”

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