The Biggest Losers of 2013: Prediction

It’s that time again when we slowly need to get used to writing a new number when mentioning dates; luckily thanks to our smart devices we don’t need to go out and look for a 2013 wallet calendar, unless we really want to. It’s that time when we look back at what happened this year, with all the goods and bads, and anxiously look forward to what next year might bring.

As usual here at Pocketnow we’re happy to tell you what we think, and we’re excitedly waiting to hear your opinions, in our upcoming series which will contain both 2012 recaps and 2013 predictions.

We’ll have something for everyone! Every day this week expect a new piece gathering the thoughts of our team members regarding the topic at hand. We’re continuing our series with our predictions for the biggest losers of next year and here’s what the Pocketnow team members think:

Adam Lein

Senior Editor

If Blackberry 10 fails to impress, it will likely go the way of Palm’s Web OS in 2013 or perhaps remain on life support with a number of big clients refusing to give up their Blackberry Enterprise Servers.

Anton D. Nagy

Managing Editor

If the current state of the market is any indication, as well as its trend, the two major players in 2013, same as this year, will be unchanged: Android and iOS. But where does that leave BlackBerry and Windows Phone? Sadly, I can’t see a bright 2013 for them.

Research-in-Motion or BlackBerry, depending on context, have been on the loser list for quite some time and this year isn’t different either. Getting back from the situation they’re currently in requires a miracle and I don’t think the company has any left to call for.

Windows Phone has been around for quite some time now. In all this time it failed to reach a market share above 5%, pretty much the same with what’s left for RIM. While the platform’s slice of the market won’t necessarily stagnate or regress, I can’t see it marching ahead spectacularly either. This will not be enough for Nokia who went all in for that ace (on the table or up the sleeve), hence, the once behemoth company is now, sadly, on my 2013 loser list.

Bonus entry: Windows RT.

Brandon Miniman


Nokia is going to sell a lot of Lumias, but not enough to keep the company viable. Nokia is not going to be able to survive 2013 without significant change or restructuring. I doubt they’ll make Android phones; rather, they’ll likely shop the company around, with Microsoft being the most likely suitor.

Jaime Rivera

Multimedia Manager

If the Mayans spare us after today, 2013 will be an interesting year. Ten years ago, companies like Nokia, Microsoft, Palm and Motorola ruled the world. The last two are pretty-much deceased now, and the first two are clearly not doing a good job even by joining forces. Call their products as good as you will, but if their numbers aren’t capable of denting the market, then I repeat, they’re not doing a good job.

On my list, the biggest losers for 2013 will be RIM, Nokia and sadly HTC. In the case of RIM and Nokia, too little is just too late. In the case of HTC, it’ll depend on their ability to shake-up their marketing department. This is a company with an insane amount of potential. All they need is somebody bold enough to make their devices a style statement like they did in the times of the HTC EVO 4G.

Joe Levi

Senior Editor

I hate to do it, but I’ve got to point at two companies that I love, but am afraid their downward trend will continue: HTC and Nokia. Both make wonderful hardware but for diverse reasons have met with financial hardship that threaten their future. We may not be talking about either company in 2014.

Michael Fisher

Senior Editor

RIM’s BlackBerry platform may have helped kick off the consumer smartphone revolution, but the company’s long decline has cost it dearly. While we’re impressed by news of BB10’s progress and eager to see the software running on new RIM-sourced hardware, one has to ask if there’s room, after Apple, Google, and Microsoft, for a fourth big player in the mobile space … let alone one saddled with the weight of RIM’s troubles.

Stephen Schenck

Chief News Editor

The “off” brands. We’ve been hearing for what seems like forever how ZTE and Huawei want to raise their status as OEMs. Despite some quality hardware they’ve released, and rumors suggesting even better stuff is on the horizon, I just don’t think they have what it takes to get the kind of recognition they’re looking for. The same goes for a lot of these platform start-ups. I’d love to see Firefox OS succeed, but I don’t think it’s got a snowball’s chance in hell of seeing that happen. Same goes for Tizen and the rest.

The Pocketnow Reader

That’s You!

Let us know of your thoughts in the comments below. Upvote your favorites and we’ll update this post to reflect the biggest winners of 2013, according to You. Top three upvoted will make it here, you know, for posterity!

Update: According to comments, upvotes minus downvotes, The Pocketnow Reader considers RIM/BlackBerry, Sony and the iPhone as losers for 2013. If you don’t agree, contribute in the comments with your own take, upvote or downvote.

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