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B&H introduces the B&H Payboo credit card to return your sales tax

By Anton D. Nagy May 7, 2019, 8:00 am

B&H teamed up with Synchrony Bank to offer customers the B&H Payboo credit card with a revolving credit limit for any purchases made online, in-store, or by phone. The benefits of the card, as described by B&H, relate to instant savings on all non-tax-exempt purchases shipped to eligible states. These savings materialize in rewards “concurrently issued and redeemed directly on your order during checkout”.

The way it works is simple: when customers purchase items using the B&H Payboo credit card, B&H will charge the total amount of the items, as well as the applicable sales tax. However, “we instantly issue and apply a reward on orders made in our SuperStore or shipped to eligible states right in checkout as a form of customer payment. Then, the amount charged to the Payboo Card is net of the benefit applied“, says B&H.

You can read more about the B&H Payboo credit card at the source link below, where you can also apply for one, find out how to manage it, and check for eligible states.

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