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Beware, Apple is now targeting leakers!

By Prakhar Khanna June 25, 2021, 2:10 am
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It is being reported that several leakers have received warnings from lawyers representing Apple. One of the tipsters, known as ‘Kang’, posted on their Weibo account that Apple recently commissioned a law firm to send admonitory letters to a number of leakers. As per the posts, the Apple letter purportedly cautioned leakers that they must not disclose information about unreleased Apple projects.

The letter goes on to say that these leaks mislead customers because “what is disclosed may not be accurate.” Further, the leaks might give Apple’s competitors valuable information. Apple purportedly grabbed screenshots of Kang’s Weibo as evidence. The account talked about problems he experienced with the iPhone, product release dates, and purchase suggestions for his followers.

As a result, Kang explained that since “I have never published undisclosed product pictures” or sold his information, Apple must take exception to “riddles and dreams” about its undisclosed projects. For context, a leaker known as “L0vetodream” has popularized leaks vaguely characterized as “dreams.” Thus, providing a fun mechanism to hint at Apple’s future plans without giving a lot of information.

“Dreaming will violate their confidentiality mechanism,” as per Kang. He said that under Apple’s logic “if I have a dream, Apple’s competitors will obtain effective information.” “Without sending pictures or leaking pictures, I am still used as a target,” he said.

He further commented that “I won’t post riddles and dreams in the future.” Moreover, he went on to say that he had not misled consumers and said that he was still within his right to make his feelings known about Apple’s smartphone experience, remarking that “your company should not interfere with my Weibo.”

Kang cautioned other bloggers by saying if they do not want to “cause trouble… then don’t post anything they don’t want to tell the public.”

Via: Macrumors


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