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Best Smart Speakers for the holidays season

By Samuel Martinez November 26, 2019, 10:19 pm

Technology has become more and more important in oureveryday lives. It all started with smartphones, then smartwatches, now smartlights, TVs and smart speakers. We have put together a selection of the bestsmart speakers that are currently available for our homes.

Sonos One Gen 2

This is probably the best smart speaker in this selection, and it’s all because the Sonos One is the one that’s better balanced. It usually goes for a little less than $200, but it includes multi-room support, it includes both Alexa, and the Google Assistant, it has a great sound and plays music while Alexa is muted.

Buy Sonos One Gen 2


Amazon Echo Gen 3

Amazon Echo’s have been on top of the smart speaker market for quite a while, and there’s a reason. They are usually found for $100, they include Alexa, and they look good. There is a smaller version called the Amazon Echo Dot, but you would be missing out on the sound this baby has to offer.

Buy Amazon Echo Gen 3
Buy Echo Dot Gen 3

Amazon Echo Plus Gen 2

$50 more expensive than the original Amazon Echo, the Plus version has an attractive fabric design, it also comes with a temperature sensor added and it sounds better and louder.

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Google Home mini

There are other larger options for Google smart speakers, but the Google Home mini is priced at $25. This is the less expensive option you can find for a smart speaker. It also gives nice quality audio, just don’t try maxing out the volume or you will get distortion. It also comes with multi-room support, you can also connect it via Bluetooth, and it works great with the Google Assistant.

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Buy Google Home Mini

Amazon Echo Show 8

This isn’t just a speaker, this is a smart display that will let you watch movie trailers, TV shows, movies, or the news by just asking Alexa. you can also listen to radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks. video calling and messaging is also available and the connection between Echo devices lets you make announcements to other devices in your home. You can also turn off your Amazon Echo Show’s microphone and camera off, in case you seel like you want more privacy.

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Amazon Echo Studio

This is one of the most expensive smart speakers in the Amazon Echo lineup, but you get what you pay for. The Amazon Echo Studio includes five speakers that will give you powerful bass, dynamic range. Its Dolby Atmos technology helps it sound even better. Alexa is also present here, so you can also control your music with voice commands, and it also senses the acoustics in the room fo adapt and give you optimal sound. The only issue is that you will have to wait for it to arrive until mid-December.

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Sonos Move

This is a battery-powered smart speaker. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection with Alexa built in. You will get great audio quality and up to 10 hrs of non-stop music. You can control your speaker with the help of Alexa when a Wi-Fi connection is available. If not, you can also turn to your phone to control everything through Bluetooth. Maybe the best part of this smart speaker is that its water resistant with an IP56 rating and it can easily take a fall or two since its protected by a shock-resistant case.

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Marshall Stanmore II

These are some of the best smart speakers available in 2019. You can choose any of these to play your favorite music with great sound.

This smart speaker will probably give you some of the best sounds available in the market. it also includes Amazon’s Alexa for you to control your music without the need of physical interaction. You can also customize the sound othe the Marshall Stanmore II with its app or with its analog controls.

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