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Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022

By Aryan Suren March 21, 2022, 12:05 pm
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protectors Featured Image Source: Pocketnow

After absorbing features of the productivity-oriented Galaxy Note Series into the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has its hands on a device that offers a wide range of features, and this is the smartphone to pick if you're someone who likes to get a lot done when on the go. Now, if you've already placed an order for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you may have thought about buying some protective accessories. Thus, to help make your hunt easier, here is Pocketnow's guide on the best screen protectors available for this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Phantom Black

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with a larger 6.8" QHD+ 120Hz AMOLED display, a versatile camera setup, and a large battery that will keep you going through a whole day!


Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protectors

ArmorShield MilitaryShield Matte Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Matte Finish

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Anti-Glare Screen Protector is made with yellowing-resistant scratchproof materials and adds a layer of security that will keep your Galaxy S22 Ultra free from damage.

Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass

With Liquid Dispersion Technology

The Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass adheres to Galaxy S22 Ultra with a unique liquid and UV curing-based installation process. It will ensure the screen is safe from falls, scratches, and any other type of wear as you continue using your phone.

amFilm Elastic Skin Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

amFilm Elastic Screen Protector

Smooth & Self-healing

The amFilm Elastic Screen Protectors comes in a two-pack and promises an edge-to-edge fit without any compromise on the fingerprint scanner's performance. The OEM claims that the accessory has a self-healing property that will deal with minor scratches to make ensure your screen is always clear.

ZAGG Ultra Clear Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

ZAGG Ultra Clear+

Glass-like Surface

ZAGG Ultra Clear+ for Galaxy S22 Ultra is a simple film screen protector that will ensure your display has protection against scratches. Its glass-like surface mimics the feel of the display and a high degree of clarity.

ZAGG Fusion Curve Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

ZAGG Fusion Curve with D3O

Antimicrobial & D3O

The ZAGG Fusion Curve with D3O for Galaxy S22 Ultra will protect the screen due to its impact-absorbing nature and keep it free from odor and degradation causing bacteria with its antimicrobial properties. The OEM also assures there will be no interference with Samsung's ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

ZAGG Fusion XTR Curve Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

ZAGG Fusion XTR Curve with D3O

Blue Light Filtration with D3O Impact Protection

The ZAGG Fusion XTR Curve with D3O features the OEM's Eyesafe filter to reduce blue light exposure, D3O to increase impact protection, and an antimicrobial coating. It is the best protector made by ZAGG and will fit your Galaxy S22 Ultra from one edge of its display to the other.

OtterBox Clearly Protected Film Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

OtterBox Clearly Protected Film

For Assured OtterBox Compatibility

OtterBox Clearly Protected Film for Galaxy S22 Ultra adds a layer of basic protection against scratches and other small particles. The OEM also speaks of better smudge resistance. Its the perfect accessory to apply if you wish for assured compatibility with OtterBox cases without spending too much.

OtterBox Ultra Alpha Flex Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

OtterBox Alpha Flex Antimicrobial Screen Protector

Antimicrobial Film

This OtterBox screen protector for Galaxy S22 Ultra has an infusion of silver ions to create an antimicrobial property and is the one to use if you have other accessories from the OEM. The protector ships with the required installation equipment.

OtterBox Alpha Flex Blue Light Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

OtterBox Alpha Flex Blue Light Guard Screen Protector

Blue Light Filter

The OtterBox Alpha Flex Blue Light Guard does what its name indicates and adds a layer of protection from scratches, plus harmful blue light waves. The OEM claims the accessory has a high precision fit, and we believe should be preferred if you already have a case from OtterBox.

Spigen NeoFlex Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector

Compatible with Spigen Cases

The Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector is a simple protective film accessory that will compliment any case from Spigen that you are currently using. The protector brings with it a decent fit and a bubble-free installation claim due to its wet application process.

Samsung Clear Film Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

Official Samsung Accessory

If you prefer using OEM accessories, the Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector from Samsung is the one to pick. The product ships with a single unit in the box alongside an installation tool that aims to align the protector perfectly.

Which Screen Protector should you buy for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

If you're looking for an inexpensive option to add a basic layer of protection over your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, we recommend checking out Samsung's Official Protector or the Spigen NeoFlex. The latter would be our top pick, especially if you already own one from the many cases made by Spigen. These films will ensure that any scratching is kept at bay and away from the Gorilla Victus+ covered display and not hamper the touch sensitivity or clarity.

Now, if you want to derive e a little more function, possibly a little friction for the S Pen on Galaxy S22 Ultra, we recommend checking out ArmorSuit's matte film protector. But keep in mind, using this type of protector while providing glare reduction will also reduce clarity on your display.

Lastly, if you're looking for tempered glass, the Whitestone Dome Protector has some of the best reviews and will keep your Galaxy S22 Ultra safe from falls. Though it has a lengthy application process, its users have indicated the protector to be worth the time and money.

This marks the end of our screen protector recommendations for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. What are your thoughts on this collection? Also, if you know of any other great options, make sure to let us know with a comment below.


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