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Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22

By Aryan Suren February 12, 2022, 1:00 am
Samsung Galaxy S21 on a teal background Source: Pocketnow

Unveiled at Unpacked 2022, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is an iterative upgrade to the Galaxy S21 that not only brings the model back to the way of flagships — by reintroducing a glass back panel — but cements its position as one of the best Android phones available. Samsung's improving software update cycle is also a positive for interested buyers.

So, if you plan on pre-ordering one or have already done so, you're bound to be looking for a case to protect the device, and to help you make the best decision, here is our guide covering some of our favorite cases for Galaxy S22.

PBI Samsung Galaxy S22 Phantom White

Samsung Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with a flagship 4nm chipset, a triple-camera setup on the back, and a battery that can last through a full day on use. So, if you have wanted a relatively compact and powerful smartphone, the Galaxy S22 is one of the best devices to get in 2022.

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Cases

SUPCASE UB Pro Galaxy S22 Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

Best Rugged Protection

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle features a multi-layer polycarbonate and TPU build that will add 20-foot drop protection to your Galaxy S22. The case design ensures users have easy access to the USB C port at the bottom and an uncompromised tactile button feel. Unicorn Beetle Pro is available in five colors, Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Pink.

SUPCASE UB Edge Pro Galaxy S22 Case


Slim & Protective

The UB Edge Pro for Galaxy S22 is a stylish thin frame case that will ensure your smartphone looks good and is easy to hold while protecting it from dings and scratches. It has a two-part design with a built-in screen protector that doesn't lead to compromised touch sensitivity. It's available in two colors, Black and Red.

iBlason Ares Galaxy S22 Case

i-Blason Ares

Transparent-backed Rugged Protection

The i-Blason Ares features a clear back design and cushioned corners that will protect your Galaxy S22 while giving you the ability to show off its matte colorway. There are raised borders along every edge of your phone to provide increased protection when laid flat on a table. The case is available in three colors, Black, Purple, and Red.

Spigen Liquid Air Galaxy S22 Case

Spigen Liquid Air

Lightweight & Shock Absorbent

The Spigen Liquid Air for Galaxy S22 is a slim, form-fitting accessory that will be the perfect addition if you aren't looking to change how your phone feels when in hand. It implements Spigen's Air Cushion Technology to protect against drops and has an anti-slip matte surface. Liquid Air is available in two colors, Black and Dark Green.

UAG Monarch Galaxy S22 Case

UAG Monarch

5 Layer Protection

The Urban Armor Gear Monarch for Galaxy S22 uses five different layers in its case design to add 20-foot drop protection to Galaxy S22. It has large tactile button covers to ensure you don't miss a click or dislike pressing on the buttons when needed. The case has patterned sides to help increase your grip on it. It is available in three colors — Black, Red, and Blue — and two different finishes, Carbon Fibre and Kevlar.

UAG Civilian Galaxy S22 Case

UAG Civilian

Stylish & Protective

The Urban Armor Gear Civilian is the accessory to pair with your Galaxy S22 if you're looking for a stylish case that adds more than average protection. It uses UAG's HyperCush tech to cushion your device from falls and even allows you to maintain reverse wireless charging functionality.

ESR Metal Kickstand Galaxy S22 Case

ESR Metal Kickstand

Freely Adjustable Kickstand

The ESR Metal Kickstand Case for Galaxy S22 is a sleek and minimalistic case that is perfect if you're looking for an option with additional functionality. The kickstand is freely adjustable up to 60 degrees and can work to hold the phone up in portrait or landscape orientation. The accessory is available in two variants, Black and Clear.

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S22 Case

Spigen Tough Armor

Foam-based Protection

The Spigen Tough Armor for Galaxy S22 features a build that implements foam alongside the commonplace TPU and polycarbonate. Like the ESR Case, it features a kickstand that'll help prop up the phone. Its raised bezels will protect the front from scratches when placed on flat surfaces. The case is available in two colors, Black and Gunmetal.

Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap Galaxy S22 Case

Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap

Hold with Ease

The form-fitting Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap is an accessory to get if you want to maintain the in-hand feel of your Galaxy S22 and add the convenience of a grip. The strap attachment serves as the perfect location to tuck your fingers, keeping your phone secure in your hands. The accessory is available in two colors, Navy and White, and users can change up the strap to customize its look later.

Samsung Leather Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Samsung Leather Cover

The Premium Option

Made from genuine leather, this official accessory for Galaxy S22 features a design that wraps around every edge and corner of the smartphone. It hardly adds any excess material to the device and only enhances your grip with its glove-like fit. The coverage provided to the lenses will also ensure they are always fingerprint-free and protected against scratches. The case is available in three colors, Black, White, and Green.

Samsung S View Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Samsung S-View Flip Cover

Protection with Added Functionality

The S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy S22 is the accessory to get if you want comprehensive protection and additional functionality. The rectangular cutout in the top right corner of the case provides access to small interactive elements that will give you the ability to control actions on your phone without having to flip open the cover every time. This can also prevent unintended usage of your smartphone. It is available in three colors, Burgundy, White, and Black.

Which Samsung Galaxy S22 case should you buy?

If you've gone through this list and still haven't come to a decision on which case to buy, here are some of our thoughts that might help you form a better opinion.

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro is arguably one of the best options on the market when it comes to protection in rugged environments. The additional components on the case, like its kickstand and holster attachment, also bring increased value, in our opinion.

But if you are looking for a slimmer option that brings a similar degree of protection, the UAG Civilian is likely to be worth your time. Although, the Spigen Liquid Air is the perfect foil to this case if need an option without the additional flair.

Speaking of Samsung's official cases, the Silicone Cover with Strap is one to keep your eye on if you're someone who often has their phone in hand and would like to ensure it doesn't fall anywhere. And the next pick we'd recommend would have to be the S-View Flip Cover because of the additional functionality it brings along with its protective wraparound design.


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