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Best of CES 2020: Finally a good show! (video)

By Anton D. Nagy January 14, 2020, 6:00 am

CES 2020 has been so far, without a doubt, my favorite ever. I can’t remember the last time we got so many great products to talk about, so much so that we haven’t stopped to even be able to put these videos together, so I decided to make one of our favorite pics so far. This is the best of CES 2020, sponsored by ESR Cases.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Alright, how about if we begin with Samsung. I think this was the company that did it best. Their Sero rotating monitor, their new iteration to the wall, their rotating Sero display, everything the company did this CES was hot. Honestly though, our favorite was the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. I’ve never really been a fan of Chromebooks but I’m gonna give this one the exception. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. It’s the thinnest design ever made, it brings a 4K touch display, has a Samsung Pen, Intel’s new 10th gen processors, insane amounts of RAM and storage.. Seriously overkill, but then pricess at $999, which makes even Windows computers with these specs look bad. If you want the best Chromebook you can buy, this is it.


OnePlus Concept One

Up next, the OnePlus Concept one. Seriously, who would’ve ever thought about adding Electrochromic Glass to the back of a phone as a way to hide the camera. We see it on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, We see it on the McLaren 720s, all products that are crazy expensive. Thing is OnePlus is famous for being inexpensive, and that comes at a cost. Insane camera humps are some of the engineering challenges that companies deal with to keep the price down. Yet this McLaren edition brings McLaren grade leather at the back, no humps, even uses the special glass to serve as an ND filter. Seriously, the idea is genius, but we don’t think it’ll be cheap, so let’s see when it launches.

Huawei Nova 5T

Third, since we began with the expensive side of the spectrum, let’s talk about the best affordable phone that we saw. We didn’t Huawei to make any sort of appearance at the show, and yet the company did, and brought the Nova 5T with them, now extending its launch, as at first it was exclusive to certain markets a month ago. Those of you concerned, I checked, and it did have Google Play services installed. Thing is, the phone is gorgeous. We’ve got a an awesome pattern design in the back, a total of 5 cameras if you count the selfie module, and one of these being of 48 megapixels. Kirin 980, an IPS LCD with a punch hole, and price all this at less than $400 or Euros in some markets, and that’s just crazy.

Honor MagicWatch 2

Now let’s move into Wearables. Yes, we did get to see some offerings from Fossil that were fantastic from a looks perspective, and I did get my hands on the new Moto360 that I’m currently wearing. Problem is they all run WearOS, and I don’t need to remind you how much work it needs. I think the better buy is the Honor MagicWatch 2 that just got launched globally at CES. Here’s the thing, I’ve been using the Huawei Watch GT 2 that its based of, and those 14 days of battery life are no joke. It’s also the watch I’ve received the most compliments for. Yet Honor has some fresh watch faces, some awesome finishes in leather, and from a fitness perspective, the persistent heart rate sensor is always on point. We heard it will be priced aggressively so this watch gets our vote for the show.

Jabra Elite Active 75T

Let’s keep talking wearables. I’ve been testing the Jabra Elite 75T for a few weeks now. Expect that review soon, but I really wanted the Active variants, and those got announced at CES. Here’s the thing, water resistant earbuds is one thing, but sweat resistant is a different story. If I’m not mistaken Jabra is the only company that handles salt water. Then you match them with one of the smallest designs in the industry, fantastic audio, a case that’s as small as the one on the AirPods Pro, and my favorite feature: a 2 year warranty, no questions asked. Those of you asking me what I use to work out, only Jabra survives how much I sweat. This wins best pair of earbuds for us without argument.

Roborock S5 Max and H6

Now let’s move to the home front. CES is full of the typical smart bulbs and stuff, which is cool, but I don’t think anything is more useful than what Roborock has been doing. We praised the S5 Max a few weeks ago because of two things. One, it doesn’t just bounce around walls like a dumb vacuum. It maps your floor, cleans it twice, you can program it to wake up when you’re not home, but seriously my favorite feature is the fact that it mops your floor. Like seriously, what other smart vacuum mops your floor? It’s priced far less expensive than competitors. Then there’s the H6 which was announced at CES. This one you do have to carry around, but it’s fully modular and pretty much wireless, so you can use it in your car, and other areas. Keep an eye for this company cause their products are seriously awesome.

TCL Alto 9+

As for home entertainment we’ve got two inners in this category, and we start with the soundbar that looks like none. The TCL Alto 9+ has a very unconventional design, and it’s for a reason. It uses Ray Danz reflector technology to create a wider soundstage. It’s actually not a new idea, but no one has done it in a sound bar. It provides Dolby Atmos certified sound without the need of more speakers, and now it’s Roku TV ready, so you don’t need a separate remote for the sound bar. Kind of genius if you ask me.

Hisense H8G Quantum

The second product we’re awarding is not the one you think. Sure CES showed us a ton of 8K TVs, lots of OLED, all great stuff, but non which most of us can afford. We decided to give the prize to the best bang for buck offering that we saw, and it’s the Hisense H8G. Here’s the thing, if you want to buy a Quantum Dot TV, the cheapest one was $1000. Those days are over. For a starting price of just $399, you can get the 50-inch model, that’s Dolby Vision certified, Dolby Atmos certified speakers, and since this is an Android TV, it also saves you the need of buying a Google Home. Do your homework as to why Quantum Dot TVs are currently the best in the industry, and you’ll know why this TV matters.

Insta360 One R

Moving on to digital imaging, alright, I just gotta hand it to Insta360. This is the only company that continues to believe in 360 degree video, but then they did something bold as the One R is a modular action cam. It’s got a module that records 5.7K video in 360 degrees, a regular module that records 4K video, but then the company also partnered with Leica for an optional lens that takes filming to the next level. And sure, this is an action cam, so stabilization, water resistance, all that is here, but then you add the fact that this camera records in HDR. It’s just too crazy good. Expect our review coming soon.

LG UltraFine Ergo

Last but not least, probably one of my favorite products. The one I must have now is the new LG UltraFine Ergo monitor. I’ve always praised LG for the color accuracy of their monitors for video editing. This company is the top of the line, and now they come with a monitor that you can move around, flip vertically, attach to any end of any desk, pair with another. It brings 4K resolution, super thin bezels. I still don’t know how it’ll be priced, but it’s probably one of the most useful products I saw in the show, and definitely one I want to try as soon as possible.


But anyways guys, that’s been it. Let us know what you think about the winners in the comments down bellow. What else did you see at CES that you’d say you liked. This is seriously my favorite CES, and I can’t wait to see these products launch for us to give you more details in our full reviews.


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