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Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone 12 in 2021

By Aryan Suren December 27, 2021, 6:00 am
iPhone 12 held in hand

The Apple iPhone 12 Series brought a lot of changes to the smartphone line, with the introduction of a Mini Version, 5G, and the move back to a flat display and squared-edge design. But it also brought another understated new feature to the table, a magnetic back, capable of working with accessories to make your iPhone more useful.

Apple dubbed this MagSafe, in line with the MacBook Pro charger technology, which has made a comeback in 2021. Thus, to help you make the most of your MagSafe-enabled iPhone 12, here are some of the best accessories to consider buying.

Apple iPhone 12

An unlocked iPhone 12 starts at $729 and offers good value if you are looking for a powerful phone that can work through an entire day without struggling.


Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone 12

Apple MagSafe Charger

MagSafe Charger

The MagSafe Charger from Apple is a simple wireless charging solution to invest in if you are looking for fast charging speeds without the hassle of ensuring your device is in place properly. It can charge iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max with 15W of power, while the 12 mini gets 12W.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

MagSafe Battery Pack

The MagSafe Battery Pack pairs with your iPhone 12 to give you a wireless charging experience that is seamless and always there to provide that extra bit of power to ensure you can get through a day of use.

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger

MagSafe Duo

The Apple MagSafe Duo is another accessory while expensive, is a decent product to have if you travel often and also use an Apple Watch. The charging pad unfolds to give access to two surfaces and provides adequate power to both devices via the Apple 20W USB-C Adapter.

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO

The Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO is perfect for those who spend some time in their car, be it because of a long commute, an occasional road trip, or exploring their city. It will ensure your phone remains in place and has a cable holder designed to reduce the effort spent in cable management.

Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1

The Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 has been a constant mention in our MagSafe guides because of its versatility and design, which allow it to melt into your home decor and provide great functionality. It can ensure your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Qi Wireless Charging-capable earphones are always juiced and ready to go. The accessory also comes with an adapter in the box.

Belkin Fitness Mount attached on a rod

Belkin Fitness Mount

The Belkin Fitness Mount for iPhone 12 is an accessory perfect for those who love working out -- be it on a treadmill, spin bike, or elliptical. It features a watch strap-like design that will allow it to wrap itself around any bar-like structure. Its in-built magnets will also allow you to stick to any magnetic surface, but your mileage may vary.

Anker Magnetic Wireless PowerBank

Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K

The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K is the accessory to get if you like the convenience afforded by USB-C and want a large capacity battery to power your iPhone through the day.

Anker Magnetic Silicone Case

Anker Magnetic Silicone Case

The Anker Magnetic Silicone Case is an affordable way to get your iPhone basic protection without overpaying. It is available in Blue or Grey and is compatible with MagSafe Wireless Charging.

Anker PowerWave Magnetic Charger

Anker PowerWave Magnetic Stand

The Anker PowerWave Magnetic Stand is another affordable wireless charging dock to get if you do not own an Apple Watch but do happen to have Bluetooth earbuds with a wireless charging case. This particular unit comes with four feet USB-C cable but no wall adapter.

Spigen OneTap MagSafe Mount

The Spigen OneTap MagSafe Mount is an accessory that offers added convenience in the car with an arm-like design that can bring your phone closer to you if desired. This manufacturer does recommend using a MagSafe Case or going without a case.

MOFT Magnetic Stand and Wallet in Yellow

MOFT Snap-On Magnetic Wallet and Stand

The MOFT Snap-On Magnetic Wallet and Stand is a convenient accessory to have if you tend to prop your iPhone often and hardly carry any currency. It features a convenient wallet where you can store up to three cards.

Spigen Tough Armor Mag for iPhone 12

Spigen Tough Armor Mag

The Spigen Tough Armor Mag will ensure your iPhone 12 has protection from dangerous drops without giving up on MagSafe compatibility. It uses a multi-material design that implements foam, TPU, and polycarbonate.

Do you need a case to use MagSafe?

The short answer to this question is, No; as the magnetic layer is present under the back glass of iPhone 12. But if you intend to use a case in that situation, you will need one that's MagSafe compatible to avoid weak magnetic adherence.

Note: Weak adherence can lead to your phone falling off of mounts or inadequate functionality that breaks the user experience.

How does MagSafe work?

MagSafe works with the help of a ring of 18 magnets laid into the back of an iPhone. These magnets work with several tiny components, the most notable of which will be the NFC ring and magnetometer, which work in conjunction to display that MagSafe animation when an accessory is attached.

A rectangular alignment magnet helps keep connected accessories firmly in place. Apart from this, there is a polycarbonate housing, E-shield, Copper-graphite shield, and nanocrystalline shield for protection against magnetic flux and other variables.

Which MagSafe Accessories should you pick?

Now, if you're wondering what MagSafe accessories you should own to help you come to a solution, we suggest the following.

If you're all in on the Apple ecosystem and own several products, including an Apple Watch and AirPods, the Belkin 3-in-1 stand is an easy recommendation. And if you're someone who finds themselves outside exploring, the Spigen Tough Armor Mag will ensure your iPhone remains spotless after most falls. As for those of you with long workdays, having extra power on hand can never be wrong, so we recommend having either Anker or Apple's Battery Pack in your shopping cart.

If you think there are any other accessories worth considering for your iPhone 12, let us know with your comments below, and maybe we'll feature them in a future update.


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