I remember the first time I scratched my MacBook Pro. It was at the airport; I placed it in a tray which sadly had sand at the bottom, probably from someone who came straight from the beach. I cringed. Luckily, I placed it face-up, but every time I look at the bottom of my MacBook Pro, I remember the scratches, and sadly not the vacation I was on.

If your office is mobile, you are always on your phone or on your laptop, which means working from the coffee shop, from home, or anywhere in between. Your MacBook Pro goes everywhere with you, and you’re always placing it on any type of surface that’s welcoming enough for you to get your work done.

Even if you go with the cheapest model, a MacBook Pro is an expensive computer. While it retains its value pretty well, nobody wants to buy a scratched laptop, no more than you like working on it. So how do you best protect your MacBook Pro? Slap a case on it. I know, it’s a compromise, like using fabric seat covers on your leather seats, but you’re only postponing the inevitable.

Regardless whether you have a 13, 15, or 16-inch MacBook Pro, we’ve rounded up some of the MacBook Pro cases we think you should definitely look at if you’re on the market for some protection for your laptop.

MacBook Pro cases for 13-inch

    IBENZER MacBook Pro 13 Inch

    The minimalist

    With the IBENZER MacBook Pro case, you get the best of both worlds. 1. you offer your laptop protection and 2. you are not altering its amazing looks
    Blosomeet MacBook Pro 13 Case

    For the active

    It is constructed from impact-resistant,hard,clear,plastic material to safeguard your MacBook Pro 13 inch 2020. It has a built-in kickstand as well.
    KECC Laptop Case Leather

    The elegant

    Made of Premium Italian Pebble Leather and available in multiple colors and designs, it will add class to your laptop while keeping it safe.

MacBook Pro cases for 15-inch

    ProCase MacBook Pro 15 Case


    Easy to snap on and off, this case features all the vent holes required for cooling. Comes with a silicon keyboard cover and it's available in multiple colors.
    KECC Laptop Case Leather

    The elegant

    Similar to the model above, this case has a two-piece design and it's made out of Premium Italian Pebble Leather. Available in multiple colors.
    MOSISO MacBook Pro 15 inch Case

    The discreet

    This hard shell case cover has a snap-on design that's fully vented. Multiple colors available from this transparent to several opaque shades.

MacBook Pro cases for 16-inch

    Mektron MacBook Pro 16 inch Case

    The customizer

    This fully vented case contains protection for the top and bottom of your laptop and it comes in a selection of 20 colors to choose from.
    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series

    The abuser

    If your daily routing implies roughing up your laptop you will find this shock-absorbing wraparound bumper perfect for you.
    Anban MacBook Pro 16 inch Case

    The elegant

    The Anban ultra slim wooden hard corner protective shell cover with keyboard and screen protector has perfectly matched vent slots at the bottom of the case to keep your laptop cool. It comes with 60-day money back guarantee.

Of course there are plenty other cases you can choose from, for different purposes, of different materials and colors, but these are just a few we’re recommending based on our own taste.

And there are occasions when you want to use the same laptop in different environments. You might go for a picnic or hiking, in which case you’d want the protection offered by the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series. Having a mobile office for casual, lightweight work might warrant the versatility and customizability of the Mektron MacBook Pro 16 inch Case, as you can customize it easily for any environment or attire.

Going to court or an elegant business meeting? There’s no better way in showing off your laptop than with the MOSISO MacBook Pro 16 inch Case, maybe in a color matching your briefcase or other accessories.

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