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Best cases for 16″ MacBook Pro in 2021

By Aryan Suren August 5, 2021, 2:15 pm
16-inch MacBook Pro screenshot from Apple video

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is a great productivity tool, as it offers a lot of horsepower in one of the most compact chassis, which is easy to lug around. But if you’re in the market for this machine and find yourself a little prone to accidents, getting a case or even a sleeve to reduce the damage will help; Especially, since it’s not a cheap device. And, to make your life easier, here is our compilation of some of the best options for the 16-inch MacBook Pro that you can buy right now.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series case for Macbook Pro 16” 2019

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

Unicorn Beetle is the case to pick if you find yourself working outdoors frequently. Its wraparound bumper design and textured panels will ensure you always have a grip on your laptop furthermore that it has protection when in a fall. Vents present along the bottom also aid in keeping your workhorse cool.

Incase Hardshell Case

The Incase Hardshell Case is the option to pick up if you want to maintain the slim form factor of the MacBook Pro while adding a layer of protection that is easy to grip. Its heightened feet will also ensure your laptop has enough space to dissipate heat and aim to avoid throttling when under heavy load.

Incase Woolenex Case

Similar to Incase Hardshell, the Woolenex Case is a two-piece accessory that features a fabric-like texture on its halves. It will maintain your laptop's designed profile and add an extra element to its look. The rubber feet will once again ensure it can keep itself cool and also help it stay in place on surfaces.

IBENZER Clear Hardshell Case

If the textured nature of the Incase options is not your cup of tea, the plain and simple IBENZER Clear Hardshell Case is the one to consider. Its transparent design will ensure the chosen color of your MacBook Pro remains visible and that it stays scratch-free while having a layer of added protection.

Kuzy Hardshell Case

No transparent or textured, but rather a solid color to ensure your device looks sleek and expresses your taste? The Kuzy Hardshell Case is an accessory you may be interested in because of its wide variety of color options and soft-touch finish, which will keep your MacBook Pro looking and feeling great while adding a hint of protection.

KECC Leather Case

Finding case options that bring the look and feel of leather to a device is difficult, but the KECC Case is an option that tries to fill this gap with its leather textured hardshell case. It offers a degree of protection that each of the hardshell options on this list can achieve and substitutes their simple looks for something with a little more substance.

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve

The MOSISO Sleeve is an accessory that can make traveling with a laptop in a backpack a lot more organized. The Neoprene material it uses also adds a level of water-resistant to protect your device. It's the perfect accessory for those who prefer using their laptop without a case and need something to keep it secure while on the move.

Hyzuo Laptop Sleeve

Similar to MOSISO's option in function, the Hyzuo Laptop Sleeve switches out the plain-looking Neoprene material for Faux Suede Leather and zippers for a magnet-based closing mechanism. It makes for an overall more premium product that will keep your laptop looking new. The additional bag bundled with the accessory is a welcome addition.

tomtoc Sleeve

tomtoc Sleeve is a simple-looking accessory that adds 360-degrees of protection to your MacBook in an enclosure made using PET bottles. The design which requires the case to open like a book will make storing your MacBook Pro an easy process, and an included strap will help secure it in place.

Lacdo Protective Sleeve

This laptop sleeve is perfect for the customer who carries around several accessories to go with their laptop. Apart from the added functionality of its extra compartments, the product features shockproof lining along all of its sides and uses moisture-proof and water repellent materials.

Comfyable Sleeve

The Comfyable Sleeve is the product to choose if you like an item with elegant and functional design choices. This affordable accessory features a microfiber lining and padding to ensure your MacBook Pro is protected from blows and remains safe from scratches. The use of waterproof PU Leather on the outer cover will also keep water damage at bay.

Apple Leather Sleeve

Last on this list is the premium sleeve option that comes straight from Apple. It uses an open-ended design, which is not great for all-around protection but does add an air of elegance. It has a microfibre lining to keep your MacBook Pro protected when it's stowed away and is available in three colors.


If you’re someone whose productivity use case for the 16-inch MacBook Pro involves dongles, we believe the Lacdo Protective Sleeve is the option for you. Its accessory pockets will help you carry more products and assist in storing them in an organized manner. But if the design of this product is not to your taste, the Hyzuo Sleeve and its extra bag can also offer a similar level of functionality.

For those who are looking to save their device from hard falls, SUPCASE is one of the best when it comes to protection, and their Unicorn Beetle Series won’t disappoint. The wraparound bumper design is a proven concept and the rubber feet that the case features will also keep slipping at a minimum. And cutouts made around the ports of the laptop ensure there is no hampering to the accessibility of IO.

Also, in case you’re just looking to keep things simple, coupling the Kuzy Hardshell with MOSISO’s Neoprene Sleeve will ensure your laptop remains safe without hurting your wallet. But if you choose, you can replace the hardshell with any of the other options from this list.

Are there any other products which you think we missed? Let us know with your comments below.


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