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Best MacBook Air Cases

By Aryan Suren June 25, 2021, 6:00 am

Have you just bought yourself a shiny new MacBook Air and are looking for ways to protect your investment? Well, look no further as this guide lists twelve items which include some of the best MacBook Air cases and sleeves you should consider buying.

Note: Each option listed here will be compatible with MacBook Air models released from 2018 to 2020 unless mentioned otherwise. Please keep in mind Apple released two MacBook Air models in 2020, one using the M1 and another Intel-based device, so some accessories may not be cross-compatible.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Rugged Case

Like other accessories from the Unicorn Beetle Series, this rugged case mixes shock-absorbing TPU bumpers and a polycarbonate shell to offer well-rounded protection. Applying it is as simple as snapping on the two distinct pieces. But keep in mind this case will not fit the M1 MacBook Air.

Urban Armor Plyo Rugged Case

The Plyo rugged case by UAG is an option to consider if you find yourself putting your MacBook Air in a bag without a dedicated laptop compartment. Not only does it offer a section to grip the device near its hinge, but the locking mechanism will ensure the laptop doesn't open up due to the added weight.

ProCase Hard Shell

The ProCase Slim Hard Shell is a case option you should consider if you like using your device at an incline. The bottom half of the case is made with a shock-absorbent material, while the top half uses polycarbonate to protect the edges.

Mosiso Slim Hard Case

The Mosiso Slim Case uses a plastic two-body design that aims to protect your MacBook without adding any noticeable bulk. This case is the one to pick if customizability and color choices are a huge factor in your purchase decision. Added rubber feet will prevent unnecessary sliding.

Kuzy Plastic Shell

The Kuzy Plastic Shell is an option similar to the previously listed Mosiso Slim Case but replaces its hard plastic surface with a soft-touch finish. It's available in seven different color options and will protect your device without added bulk. It also has rubber feet at the bottom to prevent sliding.

Digi-Tatoo MacBook Skin

If any added bulk is a deterrent, but you'd still prefer protecting your device from scuffs and scratches, then a skin or decal for your MacBook is a great way to do so. These vinyl stickers will not only give your device a new look but will also add a removable layer of protection.

Hyzuo Laptop Sleeve

The Hyzuo Laptop Sleeve is a product made from suede leather with an inner velvet lining that will keep your MacBook scratch-free and protected from dents. The sleeve uses magnets within its design to ensure the flap remains closed. It's also available in a wide variety of color options.

Native Union Stow

While the way you use this sleeve is similar to the previous option, differences in material choices and design make it feel more premium and easier to use. The Native Union Stow sleeve doesn't have a flap but rather an open side that shuts close with the help of magnets. The textile exterior with stitched edges and a quilted interior will keep your MacBook safe.

Mosiso Laptop Sleeve

This laptop sleeve from Mosiso is the one to pick if you prefer the security of zippers and don't wish to spend a lot. Its Neoprene layer ensures no water reaches the insides, which also has a fleece coating to keep your MacBook safe from impacts.

Inateck Sleeve

An Inateck sleeve is the option for those who like their accessories to have some character. Its side loading design gives you access to a compartment with flannel to protect your device from scuffs and scratches. The cotton-padded cushions around the edges handle impact protection.

Apple Leather Sleeve

The Apple Leather Sleeve is a product that will offer a snug fit for your MacBook Air and protect it from scuffs and scratches. Its top open design will also allow you to charge your device by pulling it out slightly. It's available in three color options -- Brown, Black, and Navy Blue.

Hide & Drink Rustic Leather Cover

This accessory from Hide & Drink is the one to get if you need a leather accessory with a closed design. The company states the product uses full grain leather and follows a strict standard for its craftsmanship. They even offer a 101-year warranty in case anything ever goes wrong.


If you’re still confused about which accessory to pick to protect your device, here are some more of our thoughts on the best MacBook Air cases and sleeves.

When looking at rugged protection, adding more than necessary bulk to your device can be a mistake. So the Beetle Pro from SUPCASE or ProCase’s Hard Shell are the ones you should consider. The former doesn’t add any extras and the latter does, in the form of fold-out feet, which are a functional addition.

If you prefer retaining the MacBook Air’s slimmer profile, in that case you can’t go wrong with Kuzy Soft-touch Hard Case. The in-hand feel brought about by such a finish is generally pleasing. But perhaps you don’t want a case. In that situation, you can get skins from dbrand or DigiTatoo.

Lastly, looking at sleeve options, any of the products you pick here will offer a similar experience with a slight variance in terms of how snug your device will sit. Personally, a sleeve with a side-loading design like the Inateck or Native Union Stow would be my preferred choice.


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