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These are the 12 Best Leather Galaxy S22 Plus cases

By Roland Udvarlaki April 10, 2022, 4:00 pm
Samsun Galaxy S22 Plus placed on a book Source: Pocketnow Video

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is one of the best devices from Samsung in 2022. It has a high-end flagship chipset, a large 6.6-inch display with 120Hz refresh rate and support for HDR10+ content, and it has an excellent battery and camera setup on both the front and back. The low-light photography received a significant improvement, compared to the previous generation, and it's undoubtedly one of the best smartphones capable of handling all of the games and multitasking you require on a daily basis.

Samsung Leather Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Samsung Leather Cover

Made by Samsung

It's a first party premium leather cover, and it comes in three colors, Black, Light Gray, and Forest Green. It provides a premium and slim feel, and it protects the device from scratches and falls. If you're looking for a soft touch and leather phone case, this is one of the better options.

Otterbox Strada for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Otterbox Strada

Premium & Leather

Otterbox Strada is a premium rugged leather case that provides excellent protection all around in a premium package. It allows you to store a card, and it provides maximum protection against drops, bumps, scratches, and scrapes.

TORRO Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

TORRO Wallet

Leather Cover

The cover allows you to store up to three cards and cash on the side. The cover is made from genuine leather, and while it's on the more expensive side, it provides a great premium feel. The cover is compatible with Qi wireless chargers and it provides excellent all-around protection.

KEZiHome Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

KEZiHome Wallet

Dual Tone Leather

The leather cover comes in five color options, and it has a unique dual-tone design. It can store up to three cards, and it has an additional pocket for storing notes and cash. It provides great general protection, and it has a built-in stand feature for consuming content.

TUCCH Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

TUCCH Wallet

Affordable Leather Cover

The leather cover is available in nine color options, and it has a built-in kickstand that's excellent for watching movies. It has RFID blocking, and it lets you store up to three cards. The company also includes a lifetime warranty, which is certainly a nice perk.

OCASE Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

OCASE Wallet

Affordable Leather Cover

The leather cover is available in 13 colors, and it's made out of high-quality materials to provide a premium feel. The Folio Case can store up to three cards, and it has a magnetic enclosure to protect the display from scratches. The cover also has RFID technology to protect your private information.

SHIELDON Leather Cover for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

SHIELDON Leather Cover

Leather Folio Cover

The cover comes in eight colors. It's made out of premium genuine leather on the outside, and TPU on the inside to provide protection against falls and scratches. It also supports three credit cards, and it has an additional pocket on the side to store cash. It also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, which is a nice bonus.

Snakehive Vintage Leather Galaxy S22 Case

Snakehive Leather Cover

Vintage & Premium

The leather cover also includes three slots to store cards, and it's also a folio case and stand. It's made out of genuine Nubuck leather, and it's handmade in Europe. It provides excellent overall protection from falls and drops, and it comes with a 12-month warranty. It's available in six colors.

SaharaCase Galaxy S22 Leather Case

SaharaCase Leather Cover

Comes with a Wrist Strap

The case comes in two colors, and it's made from Vegan Faux leather. It also includes a wallet part that lets you store up to five cards and cash in the side pocket. It comes with 1-year warranty, and it also has a wrist strap and a kickstand built-in to improve the experience.

Bellroy Leather Case Galaxy S22 Case

Bellroy Leather Case

Slim & Premium

The Bellroy leather case comes with a slim profile, and it's made out of premium, eco-tanner leather. It comes with raised edges to protect the camera and the screen from scratches, and it supports wireless charging. It's available in four colors, and it includes a 3-year warranty.

Ghostek ATOMIC for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Ghostek ATOMIC

Rugged & Leather

It's available in seven colors, and if you're looking for leather and rugged phone case, this is a great alternative that provides the best of both worlds. It supports wireless charging, and it has precision cutouts for all the ports and buttons.

LOHASIC Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

LOHASIC Leather Case

Affordable Leather

It's a more budget-friendly option if you still like to sport a premium, leather-look on your device. It's made out of premium vegan PU leather, and it has elegant stitching on the side. It provide great general protection all around from falls and scratches.

Our Recommendation

Picking from a large selection of phone cases is always a tough job, and we can’t blame you if you’re struggling to make up your mind on which of the cases and covers are best for your needs. That’s why we usually include our recommendations at the bottom, which sometimes categorizes the cases into certain groups, to give you a quick rundown on which of these may be the best cover for your phone and requirements.

  • Premium Leather: If you have the budget and want the highest-end and most premium covers for your device, the Otterbox Stada, and TORRO Wallet are excellent options. The Samsung Leather Cover is also a great alternative if you’re looking for a quality first-party case from Samsung.
  • Premium & Affordable: This category mostly applies to the KEZiHome Wallet, SaharaCase, and Snakehive, Bellroy leather cases, all of which are slightly cheaper than the premium leather cases, but offer the same high-quality materials and precision. TheGhostek ATOMIC is also a great option if you want a rugged case, but also like leather and the premium feel.
  • Affordable Leather Cover: While the “affordable” and “budget” words be a turn-off for leather enthusiasts, they are still excellent options that provide a high-quality, and premium feel at an affordable price tag. The LOHASIC phone case is affordable, and offers a stylistic look with elegant stitches.
PBI Samsung Galaxy S22 Pink Gold

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus features a larger 6.6-inch display, and comes with the same 4nm flagship chipset as the standard Galaxy S22. It has three cameras to capture your best and most memorable moments, and it has advanced night photography features for better low-light performance. It’s the best flagship device from Samsung, including all of the essential features and some more for good measure.


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