Here Are the Best iPhone 5 Cases

If you’re looking for a case then chances are that you are an iPhone 5 owner despite “all the bad things” people say. The iPhone 5 is an excellent phone and we’ve got our own review to prove it. However, contrary to the previous two iterations which were made out of glass, the iPhone 5 is made of aluminum which in theory is hard to scratch but we’ve seen reports of it chipping and losing color already.

If Phil Schiller says “any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color […] that is normal”, your job is to protect your investment. We understand that some of you love cases just as much as others hate them; I for one wouldn’t wear my phone in a case but then again if you live in Europe and you spend 679EUR on the iPhone 5 unlocked you don’t want to personally find out how easily it scratches, or not.

So here are what we thing are the best nine cases for your iPhone 5 to protect it, since we’ve heard no official Apple bumper or case plans.


















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