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Best iPhone 13 mini MagSafe Cases: NOMAD, Spigen, MOMENT, and more

By Aryan Suren November 23, 2021, 8:30 am
iPhone 13 mini in White

The iPhone 13 mini fixes the one issue that plagued the tiny iPhone 12, which was its battery life. Meaning it's a lot easier to recommend for those who want a smaller device or even need it. With the holiday season inching close, if you've bought someone a new iPhone or know someone who you'd like to get a case for, this article will help you do just that, especially if you know the receiver will love to make the most of every feature on their device.

Thus, without further ado, here are the best MagSafe cases for iPhone 13 mini.

NOMAD Sport Case

NOMAD Sport Case in Marine Blue for iPhone 13 mini

The NOMAD Sport Case for iPhone 13 mini features a TPE bumper, polished metal buttons, and a glossy back, a combination that gives you a case which not only feels great in hand but can also protect it from falls. NOMAD rates the accessory to add 6ft of drop protection.


The back of the case has an inlaid array of magnets and an NFC card which can have a configuration allowing it to share your online profile or set information with just a tap.

NOMAD Sport Case

The NOMAD Sport Case is the accessory for those looking to add a little minimalist pop to their phone while ensuring it has protection from falls and compatibility with most accessories.

Moment Case

Moment Case for iPhone 13 mini

The Moment MagSafe-compatible Case for iPhone 13 mini is an accessory perfect for the shutterbug inside anyone, as it can merge with accessories from Moment and give you the option to add lenses, giving your images a whole new dynamic.

For protection, the accessory makes use of Bio-Plastic TPU. It's a material that the OEM claims can provide 6ft drop protection and is available in four colors, Black, Olive, Blue, and Yellow.

Moment Case

The Moment Case is the accessory for the shutterbug inside you. Pair it with the iPhone 13 mini to capture some great shots.

Apple Silicone Case

iPhone 13 mini Apple Silicone Case

The Apple Silicone Case for iPhone 13 mini is the default accessory to purchase to ensure the device remains compatible with every feature. Choosing it also leaves you with the ability to pick from a variety of colors that will go great with the phone's color. The microfiber lining on the inside will also ensure the glossy glass back on the iPhone 13 mini remains good-looking.

Apple Silicone Case

The Apple Silicone Case is the default option to purchase to ensure basic protection and maximum MagSafe compatiblity.

Spigen Mag Armor

Spigen Mag Armor for iPhone 13 mini

The Spigen Mag Armor for iPhone 13 mini is the slim case option to go with if you're looking for a silicone case that's good at protection without stretching the wallet. Its raised edges on the front will ensure your phone doesn't touch any surface when placed face down, and the texture on the side of the case only increases ease of handling.

Spigen Mag Armor

Buy the Spigen Mag Armor to protect your device from falls without breaking the bank and losing out on any functionality.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag for iPhone 13 mini

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag for iPhone 13 mini features a build that uses TPU and polycarbonate to create a structure that'll protect your phone from falls and scratches. The softer material is present around the edges, while the hard plastic is on the back. And like with other cases from Spigen, the buttons are tactile, and the port cutouts will be well-sized.

You can purchase this accessory in three colors, Pink, Clear, and Black.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag is a transparent case worth picking to protect your device and show off its colorway.

NOMAD Modern Leather Case

NOMAD Modern Leather Case all colors for iPhone 13 mini

The NOMAD Modern Leather Case adds bumper protection to your iPhone 13 mini while covering its back in Horween leather that will age with time, leading to a patina, making a pattern unique to you.

The TPE bumper in this unit adds up to 10ft drop protection. To ensure the seamless functioning of MagSafe, NOMAD added an array of Neodymium magnets. And just like the Sport Case, the Modern Leather also has a built-in NFC Card.

NOMAD Modern Leather Case

The NOMAD Modern Leather Case is the accessory for 10 feet of drop protection without losing out on the premium feel of leather.

Apple Leather Case

iPhone 13 mini Leather Case in Green

Like the Apple Silicone Case, the official Leather Case from Apple is the accessory to pick if you want to ensure your device maintains its form factor and doesn't add too much bulk.

The accessory is available in five different colors and barely increases the weight of your phone when in use. It has nice accented metal buttons that feel great to touch and have good tactile feedback.

I've been using the Saddle Brown Leather Case on my iPhone 12 for a little over a month now, and I'm satisfied with the job it's done by protecting my phone from a couple of falls. Although, I do wish I could see a little more progress on aging.

Apple Leather Case

The Apple Leather Case is the accessory to get if you want your device to be protected and still look and feel good.

OtterBox Defender Series XT

OtterBox Defender Series XT case for iPhone 13 mini

The OtterBox Defender XT for iPhone 13 mini is the accessory that will add military-grade protection to your device while ensuring it remains compatible with MagSafe. It's available for purchase in three colors, two in a dual-tone pattern and one that's plain black. The case's port covers can also prevent dust and lint from getting into the ports on your iPhone.

And if desired, you can place a request for a holster from OtterBox.

OtterBox Defender Series XT

OtterBox Defender XT is the case to get for rugged protection without a compromise on MagSafe-based features.

OtterBox Symmetry Series+

OtterBox Symmetry Series Plus for iPhone 13 mini

The OtterBox Symmetry Series Plus for iPhone 13 mini is a case that's has lasted tests which rate it to survive many forms of drops and helped it achieve the MIL-STD-810G rating. It has a structure that uses polycarbonate in a translucent finish, with raised edges to ensure the screen is protected when placed face down. The cover also features an antimicrobial coating which can protect it from bacteria collection.

OtterBox Symmetry Series+

The MOFT Snap Phone Case is an accessory for those who like the design concept of accents.


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