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Best thin cases for the iPhone 12 Pro

By Nadeem Sarwar December 11, 2020, 8:00 pm

Putting a case on your shiny new iPhone 12 Pro sounds like a repulsive idea, especially if one of your key reasons for buying Apple’s latest and greatest device happens to be its design. And in particular, those lustrous flat sides and sharp corners. But hey, even a small dent or scratch on the rear panel or its metallic frame would quickly become an eye-sore that you’ll have a hard time ignoring on a daily basis.

A thin protective case is the best solution in such a scenario, as it will protect your iPhone 12 Pro from any abrasive damage without hiding its sharp lines and adding any noticeable heft to it. We’ve rounded up the best thin cases for the iPhone 12 Pro to save you the hassle of going from one retailer’s website to another. Here it goes: 

Totalle thin case for the iPhone 12 Pro

Totallee Thin Protective Case

Among the thinnest iPhone 12 Pro cases you’ll find out there with a thickness of just 0.02-inches, the Totallee Thin Case is also featherlight. Aside from protecting the device from scratches, it also comes with the assurance of not getting loose over time and supports wireless charging as well.

Spigen Liquid Armor case for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Spigen Liquid Armor Case

As the name makes it abundantly clear, the Spigen Liquid Armor case offers military-grade protection and employs the Air Cushion technology for handling accidental drops. It has a textured grip on the rear panel that also keeps fingerprints miles away. And you get all this in 0.11-inch thick profile.

Ranvoo Ultra slim case for iPhone 12 Pro

Ranvoo iPhone 12 Case

At just 0.9mm thick and weighing 1.05 ounces, the Ranvoo iPhone 12 Pro case has a soft-touch finish, wear-proof coloring, and anti-fading varnish coating on top. As an added incentive, it comes with three tempered glass screen protectors that rank 9H on the Moh hardness scale.

Tozo ultra thin hard cover case for iPhone 12 Pro

TOZO Ultra Thin Hard Case

With a thickness of just 0.35mm, Tozo claims that its offering is the thinnest hard cover case for the iPhone 12 Pro. it is semi-transparentc, so it won’t fully obscure the color of your phone’s rear panel. It also has a matte optical texture to offer a better grip and supports wireless charging too.

ESR Cloud Cover case for iPhone 12 Pro

ESR Cloud Series Case

The ESR case has a reinforced frame for superior shock absorption. The soft lining on the inner side effectively keeps scratches at bay, while the outer surface also keeps away smudges. Also, it won’t pose any issues with wireless charging either.

Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 12 Pro case

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Easily one of the slimmest protective cases out there with a thickness of just 0.1 inch, it is yet another excellent option to shield your iPhone 12 Pro from mechanical damage without hiding its eye-catching design. It has an anti-slip texture and rocks raised edges for added protection.

Spigen Thin Fit Case for the iPhone 12 series

Spigen Thin Fit Case

Another excellent option from the house of Spigen, the Thin Fit case is targeted at folks who value a minimal design without losing out on safety. This scratch-resistant case is just 0.10-inch thick, has an open button design for a clicky response, and will not hinder fast charging either.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style

A thin case that offers serious damage protection without making your phone look like an armored vehicle, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style is the one you should definitely consider. This military-grade case has a shock-absorbent bumper and a scratch-resistant transparent rear panel.

Apple MagSafe Silicone case for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Apple MagSafe Silicone Case

The new Silicone Case by Apple is compatible with the MagSafe charger, thanks to magnets built inside the case. Of course, it will provide a familiar soft-touch finish that Apple's official silicone cases are known for. It employs a microfiber lining inside and has a relatively slim profile.

Otterbox Symmetry hard shell case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case

Need a thin case with an added dash of safety? The Otterbox Symmetry Series Case is where you should spend your dollars. This slim case offers military-grade protection against drops and abrasion, and also uses anti-microbial technology to keep nasty microbes from polluting the rear panel.

ZAGG gear4 Holborn Slim case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

ZAGG Gear 4 Holborn Slim

Another slim case with a rigid frame that should be on your shopping list, the Gear 4 Holborn Slim case by Zagg is claimed to handle drops from a height of 10 feet. It has a relatively slim profile for a hard case and uses the RepelFlex Antimicrobial coating. Plus, it rocks a soft-touch finish, and supports wireless charging as well.

My pick from best thin cases for the iPhone 12 Pro list

Well, it’s now time to choose a personal favorite. But before I pick a name, I’d like to make it clear that the iPhone 12 Pro’s gold colorway is my favorite, and I’d definitely like to flaunt all that bling. With that criterion in mind, the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case will be my personal choice for covering the iPhone 12 Pro. It is extremely thin, light, and uses the Air Cushion technology to offer an added dash of fall-protection around the corners. Also, it is MagSafe compatible. 

However, if a clear case is not your cup of tea but you still want a form-fitting slim case, the Totallee Thin case for iPhone 12 Pro is a great choice. It is merely 0.02 inches thick and comes with an assurance of minimal loosening and peeling over prolonged usage. Totallee’s case is definitely for minimalists, and with an assortment of colors to choose from, you will certainly find a shade that you won’t be able to resist.

And hey, if you’re also looking to protect that gorgeous OLED display on your iPhone, pick one from our list of the best iPhone 12 Pro screen protectors. For more great product recommendations, stay tuned to Pocketnow as we have a lot more in the pipeline for you!


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