The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s answer to the overpowered ultra flagships from the Android ecosystem. Aside from the usual camera and processing power upgrades, the new Ceramic Shield protection for the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s display is claimed to be 4x stronger, which is yet another incentive to buy Apple’s latest offering. But you can never be too sure when a keychain or coin in your pocket ends up scratching that beautiful panel. How about a screen protector for your iPhone 12 Pro Max?

A screen protector will be the best option to avoid paying a few hundred dollars to get a replacement done. Plus, a few of them offer some neat features such as anti-microbial coating, blue-light filter, and even an added dash of privacy from prying eyes. To assist you, we’ve rounded up this useful list of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors. Take a gander: 

    TORRAS Diamonds Screen protector

    Right on top

    The Torras Diamonds screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is made out of military-grade shatterproof and shockproof glass. It is claimed to survive drops from a height of up to 6 feet, and can also keep fingerprints and smudges at bay. It also has an anti-blue light coating on top.
    QHOHQ Screen Protector

    Affordable protection

    Among the most affordable options on the list, the QHOHQ tempered glass bundle has three protective sheets and costs just around ten bucks. It is made out of tempered glass that ranks at 9H on the Moh scale. It also has an oleophobic coating on top to handle smudges.
    Caseology Screen Protector

    Reliable choice

    The Caseology tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a relatively thin profile and also comes with an anti-dust nano-coating that is waterproof and can keep fingerprints at bay as well. There is also an oleophobic layer as well, in case you’re curious.
    ZAGG Glass Elite Privacy Plus

    Maximum privacy

    The ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy+ screen protector uses scratch-resistant, shatterproof glass that is claimed to be 4x stronger than regular glass. It has a two-way filter that blocks the view from the sides for extra privacy and also has an anti-microbial coating.
    OtterBox Amplify Glass

    Extremely resilient

    The OtterBox Amplify Glass screen protector is made out of shatterproof glass that is claimed to be 5x more effective at keeping away scratches. It can also filter out the harmful blue light to a good extent, while the anti-microbial coating on top will keep a majority of surface germs away.
    Magglass screen protector

    Antimicrobial safety

    Magglass’ screen protector has an anti-glare matte texture finish to reduce glare and reflections for a more comfortable viewing experience. The 9H tempered glass is claimed to brush off drops from up to 6 feet, and there is an anti-microbial coating too.
    Tozo Screen Protector

    Most economical

    The most affordable product on this list, the 3-pack TOZO screen protector bundle is made out of 9H tempered glass, which is as good as it gets when it comes to durability. This protective glass is also quite thin at just 0.26mm and also comes with an oleophobic nano-coating to keep smudges away.
    Insignia Privacy Glass

    Comfortable privacy

    The Insignia Privacy Glass screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is made out of highly scratch-resistant 9H tempered glass. Plus, it has a filter that prevents prying eyes from gazing at the on-screen content when viewed from the sides. Moreover, it is quite thin at just 0.3m across.
    ESR Tempered Glass

    Affordable strength

    The ESR screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is claimed to be 5x stronger and can withstand a pressure of up to 5 kilograms. The scratch-resistant tempered glass layer can also keep fingerprint marks from spoiling the screen’s looks and it won’t hinder Face ID either.

Our picks from the best iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors list?

The QHOHQ tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is my personal pick when it comes to the value-for-money parameter. Priced at just $10.99 for a pack of three screen protectors, it is one of the most affordable options out there. More importantly, it uses a 9H tempered glass sheet to offer a sufficient amount of protection against scratches and accidental drops, while also keeping away fingerprint marks and smudges at bay.

However, if you’re looking for a screen protector that does more than just shielding your iPhone 12 Pro Max’s OLED display, the ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy+ screen protector is where you should put your money. Made out of shatterproof glass, this screen protector has a two-way filter that blocks the view of others looking at the screen it from sides. And in addition to keeping away dust and smudges, it also has an anti-bacterial coating that is claimed to kill 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria.

Lastly, if you’re also looking for protective cases or charging accessories for your shiny new iPhone 12 Pro Max, we have dedicated lists like this on our website as well. Go check them out too. Plus, we’ve got a lot more coming, so stick around for more awesome product recommendations.

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